In the press: Richard in Speciality magazine!

Richard, the owner of Godminster, spoke to Speciality magazine this month and here’s a snippet of what he had to say:

Lots of discussions, lists and forward-thinking is how I grew Godminster to what it is today. A lot of what-ifs and what if nots. I have an approach which I call my ‘hot air balloon approach’ – basically, you imagine yourself looking down on what’s going on around you to get perspective.

You’ve got to absolutely adore what you’re doing – if you don’t love it, change jobs. Everyone in the Godminster team seems to truly get what we’re trying to achieve, even though it’s quite difficult to put into words. They sometimes ask me what it’s all about, and I answer, “This – precisely what we’re doing!”. Hopefully, we’re ticking loads of boxes such as supporting the local economy and looking after people, at the same time as being humble enough to recognise that we’re not perfect and still make plenty of mistakes.

We’re very lucky to have come up with a delicious product, as well as one which is striking to look at. The branding is very simple and eye-catching, and that combined with our keenness to look after people we have created some very loyal customers.

Throughout my time in the sector I’ve learned to plan ahead and to listen; I have learned that food is great and that people who love making food are great as well. You get so many enthusiasts in our sector, and it’s an utter joy to work around people who are as passionate about what they do as you are about what you do.”

Read the full interview in Speciality’s June issue.

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