How to wrap cheese as a gift

When it comes to wrapping cheese, the important thing is to wrap it tightly to ensure it retains its freshness and can be enjoyed in all its cheesy glory! 

Ideally, you want to wrap your cheese in wax paper (also known as cheese paper) as this will allow your cheese to breathe more. Here’s how you can wrap cheese in wax paper:

  • Place your cheese paper on a flat surface such as a kitchen counter and place the wedge of cheese on top.
  • Bring the edges of the cheese paper up and around the cheese.
  • You can now wrap the cheese in a similar way to wrapping any other gift, making clean folds and securing these with some tape.
  • Once neatly wrapped, it can be a good idea to add a small label or mark the cheese with the date as this will help to inform the recipient when they need to consume it.
  • If you aren’t gifting your cheese now, remember to carefully place it back into your fridge (putting it in a container could help prevent it from being damaged and keep it fresh).

After wrapping your cheese, you may wish to add a few more touches for the presentation. Here are some ideas:

  • Place the cheese in a gift basket along with other goodies which complement it. (wicker baskets are ideal for a more rustic look!)
  • Include your cheese as part of a cheese board (we’ll share how to gift a cheese board as a gift later). Looking to create a Christmas cheese board for your loved-one? Why not take a look at our blog on how to make a Christmas cheese board or get some cheese gift ideas for Christmas?
  • Place your wrapped cheese in a gift box – this option gives you more freedom in terms of how many other gifts (or how much cheese) you wish to give as you can choose the right-sized box. Adding in some tissue paper (of the recipient’s favourite colour perhaps) and hamper straw will help to dress up the box so it’s presented beautifully!


Alternatively, you can order organic cheddar cheese gift sets and hampers online with us, where cheeses are already gift boxed and presented to impress the lucky recipient! You can either order cheese to yourself (if you wish to wrap it further) or the recipient directly. You can also use our click and collect service and visit our Godminster store in Bruton, Somerset where you’ll find even more delicious products and gift ideas.

Wondering how to store your cheesy gift in the meantime? Always check the recommended storage suggestions but you’ll definitely need to keep the cheese in the fridge (tightly wrapped up to prevent it from becoming dry).


How to gift a cheese board

Cheese boards will always go down well with cheese lovers, and you can be really creative here as you handpick different cheeses, sides, and accompanying drinks. If you’re choosing to gift a cheese board created by you, remember that you want to ensure everything is wrapped appropriately so the taste and texture of the cheese isn’t spoiled. If you’re planning to use a plastic wrap, it could lead to spoilage if it covers the cheese for too long, so aim to only gift a cheese board in plastic if you’re gifting it soon – after all, you want all your cheese and plated goodies to be fresh! If you’re gifting crunchy items with your cheese board (such as biscuits or nuts), keep these separate so that they don’t lose their bite! 


If you’re not assembling the cheese board yourself, you could present it in a large gift box with the cheeses and goodies wrapped separately (it’s a good idea to label what each cheese and side is along with use-by dates).


What to gift with a cheese board

There are so many delicious treats that you can consider gifting alongside a cheese board (and indeed any cheese product) gift. Here are just some ideas for you to consider:

  • Olives and pickles
  • Fruit – crunchy apples and berries are the ideal companions for soft cheeses whilst dried fruits are delicious with hard cheeses.
  • Bread or crackers – it’s good to include a mixture of flavours when it comes to crackers so they complement different cheeses.
  • Meats – cured meats such as chorizo and prosciutto pair perfectly with cheese. 
  • Chutneys or jams – fruity jams are a great match for soft cheeses whilst a Beetroot and Apple chutney will really enhance the flavour of a Godminster cheddar.
  • Nuts – similar to crackers, you’ll want to include a range of plain and candied nuts to suit each cheese.
  • Wine (white wine is ideal for soft cheeses and red is perfect for organic cheddar cheese) or port (ideal for stronger cheeses such as aged cheddar).


Looking to buy cheese as a gift?

If you’re looking to buy some delicious cheddar cheese as a gift for that special someone, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Godminster, we have a wide range of cheeses for everyone to enjoy. Browse our award-winning cheese products, including corporate gifts and cheese gifts and hampers to find the perfect present.

If you have any questions about our range of cheese gifts or any of our other products, please feel free to get in touch – we’d be happy to help!


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