How To Put Together The Perfect Festive Cheeseboard

How To Put Together The Perfect Festive Cheeseboard

We’re often asked for advice on how to put together the perfect cheeseboard and at this time of year, people are entertaining more, they want to impress, and they want to enjoy the cheese at its best.

What to choose

The good news is, whatever you choose, you won’t be breaking any rules because there aren’t any, just guidelines.  We often subscribe to the idea that you might choose a cheddar, a brie, a blue and something else (for us, our Oak- Smoked Vintage Organic Cheddar is hard to beat!) but it is a matter of personal choice.

Of course, if you want to try something different, we love this idea from food journalist and food writer, Patrick McGuigan:

“It might sound a bit controversial, but I really think having one whacking big bit of cheese on the table makes a real statement – a kilogram of something always looks great.”

Patrick McGuigan at Great British Chefs

Our beautiful burgundy wax certainly makes a statement however you serve it, perfect taking centre stage on a gorgeous wooden board or tray.

Our Vintage Organic Cheddar is a real crowd-pleaser, winning award after award for its delicious depth of flavour and its distinctive looks.  It always fares well in the Children’s Choice categories, too, so if you’re entertaining family over the festive period, choosing this cheddar as a single statement piece is a great way of including everyone and catering to all tastes.

The perfect pair

We think our award-winning Beetroot & Apple Chutney is a fabulous taste pairing, though you could add a range of pickles and chutneys.  Perhaps some fresh fruit, like grapes and apples; they’ll add interest in terms of colour and texture, too.

Biscuits are a must for traditionalists, and either our hand-made Rosemary Water Biscuits or our Oat Digestives, also made by hand, give a lovely crunch.  If you want to create a talking point though, how about mixing the creamy texture of the cheddar with the natural sweetness of honey?

Our final recommendation to go with your single cheese after a meal is a slice of fruit cake.  It’s a traditional Yorkshire combination. Our owner (originally from God’s own county!) often quotes the saying “Cake without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze.” Having tasted it, we’d have to agree.  Do let us know if you have other ideas that we’ve not thought of – we’re always keen to try new things!

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