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Hero Ingredient: Lovely Leeks

We’ve been making the most of the British leek season this month. There’s something very spring-like about enjoying leeks during the first sunny days of the year with spring lamb… we’re feeling hungry just thinking about it!

One of the best things about leeks is they are quick and simple to cook and oh so versatile. Boiled, sautéed, baked, braised – you can’t go wrong! If you manage to get your hands on the very young ones you can even eat them raw. But the very best thing about leeks? They are perfection with cheese.

We’re loving this simple recipe which shows off that side dishes don’t have to be boring – add a couple of mushrooms and some tasty bacon (we love Denhay’s dry cured smoked back bacon) and you’re away.

Adding creamy Godminster cheddar to Leeks a la Oliver is one way to keep the family happy come rain or shine this spring! This recipe is perfect for cooks of all standards and especially for people who can’t resist a little oozy cheese. Yum.