Hero Ingredient: English Apples

Hero Ingredient: English Apples

English Apples

There’s nothing quite like the crisp bite of an apple. This month, we’re celebrating the nation’s favourite snack by biting into English apples. Our hero ingredient can be used in an assortment of dishes, savoury and sweet and you can enjoy them, guilt-free.  

So whether you get your apple crunch from your own garden, the greengrocers or your local supermarket, make the most of them this month, they really are ripe for the picking! Here are a couple of ideas to make sure you get an apple a day when this crispy snack isn’t quite enough alone.


One of the easiest ways to get your English apple-a-day is to add it to your meals in a saucy form. Lots of healthy food bloggers are adding it to their porridge in the morning and we must say it’s a hit! Simply chop the apples, add a splash of water and a sprinkling of brown sugar and leave to simmer. We like it with a cheeky teaspoon of nut butter too. It’s no surprise that this works well with savoury meals too – add a little to a ham sarnie, serve it up with sausages or add it to a plate of succulent roast pork supper.

Cakes, cakes, cakes

Beyond the traditional realms of apple crumble or apple pie lies an even bigger world of apple cakes. These are moist and often have less sugar (so you can enjoy a slightly larger slice, perhaps?!). Our favourites are this blueberry and apple cake which is particularly good with Bramley apples.


With Christmas approaching fast there’s no shortage of creamy Godminster cheeses around. Why not get into the spirit by following the lead of The International Cheese Awards judges… layout your brilliantly British cheeseboard, slice up a fresh Cox’s apple and get to it. Professional judges bite into apples between cheeses as they’re great palate cleansers and we’ve really enjoyed their fresh taste at Godminster HQ.


Ok, we admit that this isn’t going to help ‘keep the doctor away’ but if you’re celebrating English apples you may as well get a little (sensibly) merry! Our favourites are Bristol’s Exhibition Cider, Cornish Orchards Blush and Perry’s Pressed Dry.  

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