Here comes the sun

Have you noticed there’s something in the air? The weather’s warmer, the hedgerows are bursting into leaf before our eyes and work down on the farm is in full swing as it’s one of the busiest times of year.

What’s more, we can’t help noticing that the blue tits are out in force, investigating our nestbox outside the bathroom window, which is giving the children a real thrill. It’s lovely to watch the birds twittering around, eyeing up their new home and giving it serious consideration. They’ve been pecking round the entrance hole to assess whether it will be good enough to raise a family in, and seeing if there are any tasty insects they can feed on.

A bit like Location, Location, Location, only for potential home owners of the feathered variety!

We’re all hoping the good weather will hold out for the weekend when Doug will be at Yapps for a bin end event. Come along and say hello and try some of our delicious cheeses – we promise, you’ll never have been to a cheese and wine tasting quite like it!