Grey Partridge


At Godminster Farm we aim to create a self-sustaining environment where nature can regenerate and flourish.  Intensive farming has led to the decline of many species of plants and animals that were once common features of the natural habitat. That is something that we want to reverse.

Alongside our organic farming we are committed to reintroducing native species like Grey Partridge to the area.  Like many birds, changes in farming practices have made it harder for them to survive. This includes autumn sowing, hedgerow destruction and use of insecticides and herbicides. 

We recently released a flock of Grey Partridge to the area. Because we don’t use insecticides and herbicides, they seem to be doing well. The same for our traditional hedgerow management techniques.

 We have seen them around and about the farm all through Christmas and into the New Year. We are hoping that they will become a much more familiar sight for a long time to come!



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