Godminster’s Hero Ingredient: British Asparagus

The foodie equivalent of Christmas has arrived; the British Asparagus season is in full swing and growers up and down the country are hoping for a bumper crop after the heat wave of last summer. At Godminster, we love ingredients that are sourced close to home, and supporting British produce when it is so tasty is really quite easy.

British asparagus is loved and adored by chefs and the public alike; with top restaurateurs always keen to show off the bountiful supply in a range of beautiful dishes. Such a simple ingredient can be showcased in a range of ways that needn’t require you to don your chef’s whites. Here are our favourite ways to cook the new season’s asparagus:


We love to wrap the tender spears in a little Parma ham or prosciutto, bake them in the oven until just charred and the ham is golden, and then dip them in a bubbling, oven-baked Black Pepper Brie. Indulgent? Yes. Great for sharing with friends? Absolutely.


Try steaming asparagus spears with half a lemon in the pan, remove when tender, and dress with a little olive oil, lemon juice, and some parmesan shavings. This goes excellently with roasted chicken breast.


Serve your asparagus canapé style by grilling small baguette slices, topping with some caramelised onion chutney, some gently steamed asparagus tips, and a slice of our Garlic and Chive Brie and grill for two minutes or until golden and bubbling. So go and grab yourself some of the best of British and enjoy those spears whilst they last. The British asparagus season is only eight weeks long, and we intend to make the most of it!

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