Godminster & The Chocolate Society









The Chocolate Society

The second in our series of guest producers is The Chocolate Society.  Somerset really is full of wonderful foodie delights, and The Chocolate Society is no exception just 15 minutes down the road from us, in Holton just outside Wincanton.

The team at The Chocolate Society are skilled chocolatiers, who make beautiful luxury handmade chocolates. They have delicious, imaginative flavours which make such wonderful gifts.  If you have not seen their exquisite range yet, you’re in for a treat next time you visit the Godminster Shop in Bruton.

Premium ingredients are key to The Chocolate Society’s award-winning success, and that starts with top-quality chocolate. The chocolate comes from French producer, Valrhona, who uses only the finest cacao.  The Chocolate Society makes all their bars and chocolates using real ingredients – butter, cream, fruit – and contains no artificial preservatives; all you taste is the carefully selected flavours.


Godminster & The Chocolate Society

We wanted to work with The Chocolate Society because we love what they do and what they stand for.  They’re local, and they’re at the top of their game, with their luxurious high-end chocolates. With a similar love of innovation and great taste that we have at Godminster, it seemed like a great match. Pop in and try some next time you’re passing.

Now, we’re thinking how about chocolate and cheddar together?! Yes, it’s a thing.  We know we won’t get much argument saying that Godminster and chocolate are both delicious on their own, but two for one? The flavours are completely different, and what a combination together!

Close your eyes and imagine the rich depth of flavour of your Godminster, with its smooth, creamy texture, and now add in a taste of sweet decadence to perfectly balance the two.  As we advise with our Cheddar & Cake Gift Set, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

We suggest smelling both the Godminster and the chocolate first and give all your senses a treat.  Take a little bite of cheddar, then a little bit of chocolate followed by another piece of cheese then relax and enjoy the taste sensation.

Cheddar is a great source of calcium and protein and also contains various other vitamins and minerals.  People say that Dark chocolate can reduce stress levels (we think Godminster does a pretty good job of that too!) and with levels of antioxidants in dark chocolate, it’s just another good reason to give it a go. Win, win, we say!

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