Godminster Loves… Fresh British Fish

If you’re a regular to our Godminster shop in Bruton on a Friday then you’ll have seen the Brixham fish van and all the bounty it brings with it! But the recent coronavirus pandemic has brought plenty of challenges to the British fish industry, which has been struggling with the closure of restaurants that makes up the vast majority of their domestic trade.

Jon and Diane – who bring fresh Brixham fish to Bruton every Friday morning – tell us that he has been super busy, mostly as a result of the supermarkets ceasing to stock fish in the current climate. Luckily the support from Bruton customers has increased significantly as a result and plenty of people are buying more per visit.


John the Godminster Friday Fish Van Man


The problem, however, is further back along the chain with fishing boats unable to go out to sea due to the loss of valuable export, supermarkets, and the restaurant trade. By supporting your local fishmonger – including Jon’s Friday fish van – you are supporting the industry where most boats are now only going out 3 days rather than 6 or 7 days a week.

If you’re out and about in Bruton on a Friday morning then make sure you pop over to the Godminster shop and say hello to Jon and Diane, and hopefully go home with a delicious fresh fish or two!


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