Godminster Christmas Roundup 2019

Just when you thought that life doesn’t get better for us all here at Godminster, it always catches you out and 2019 has proved no exception.

To start with during 2019 our local area seems to have become more and more popular probably because new destinations and incredible restaurants are springing up at a pace. Bring it on, I say!


More awards surprises

2019 has been particularly kind to us in this area – we were delighted to find out that we had been voted ‘Best of Organic Dairy’ by the trade AND ‘The Nation’s Favourite Organic Product’, by you, the public, at this year’s Soil Association “BOOM” awards. As always, thank you, and thank you again for the continued support and also to all those who made this possible.

Shortly after this, we were crowned Gold at the International Cheese Awards for our, as-yet un-launched product, namely the Black Truffle Vintage Organic Cheddar, and since its launch at the Speciality and Fine Food Show in September it definitely seems to have received a massive thumbs up from our regulars and new customers alike.

Finally, Godminster Farm has been nominated for the title ‘Organic Farm of the Year’, which, in my opinion, would be thoroughly deserved especially with regard to the current research into, and use of herbal leys for our cows – and, so far as I can see, the cows seem pretty content with their grooming brushes too! (See video)

In any case, well done to all of those working at Godminster Farm for making the shortlist.



We have continued our support for other businesses with multiple tastings all over the country – and indeed abroad – and these always seem to be well appreciated.

As part of what we do, I am also pleased to report our two market events in April and September.  Held at our Bruton shop site, we hosted them to promote local businesses. They were both very enjoyable days, in particular the first, when almost 500 people turned out for fun in the sunshine.

I would also like to welcome the team from The Chocolate Society who will be working alongside us for the next three years – slightly worried that the delicious smell of chocolate may make for a few gained pounds!


Looking forward

In 2020 we will be twenty! I just can’t believe what a fast journey that has been.

On the farm, we are going to carry out research into the ‘carbon neutrality’ of our whole farm system (to include sequestration calculations for the offset created by the 25,000 broadleaves planted by us in the 1990s). We are also exploring the possibility of the creation of a dam on the farm for electricity generation (and as a reservoir), and ground source heat pumps as a possible heat source for hot water used in the dairy.

On the cheese front, it looks like there may be more exciting export and NPD opportunities, as well as new offices for the production team, and some changes to our ever-expanding shop. We might just need some extra fridge space too…

So here we are, with the new website up and running, and just over a week to go, those orders are still piling into the warehouse – thank you to you all for whatever your support, and I look forward to seeing you the other side…

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