Godminster Brie – When Do You Enjoy Yours?

We’ve all got a favourite way to enjoy our brie, whether it’s when it’s firm and young or ripe enough to walk out the door!

At Godminster we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for our customers to know when best to enjoy their brie. Here are our top tips:

Remember to bring it up to room temperature for at least an hour before eating to give the brie time to warm up and taste its best!

Four to Six Weeks Prior to Use By Date: Your brie will be young & firm, with a chalkiness to it that makes it perfect for crumbling over your food or baking in a ceramic brie baker.

Two to Four Weeks Prior to Use By Date: Your brie should be Medium Ripe by this stage. This means that it will have begun to ripen up around the edges and may have a slightly firm ‘core’ running through the middle.

One to Two Weeks Prior Use By Date: Your brie should be ripe at this point in its life and should be oozing and runny when at room temperature, making it great for eating on crusty bread.

Whether you enjoy eating your Godminster Brie when it’s young or when it’s running out the door you can always find it online or featured in any of our amazing stockists.

Don’t forget to take a look at our recipe page where you can find out other ways to enjoy your Godminster Organic Brie no matter what age it is!


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