Exporting Award-Winning British Organic Cheddar at Anuga

Earlier this month Godminster attended the Anuga show in Cologne, the largest trade food fair in the world!  It’s always an exhilarating few days, it was even more special this year as it was the show’s 100th anniversary. Exporting award-winning British organic cheddar has become a huge part of our business, and we look forward to this event in our diaries.


Exporting British organic cheese at Anuga
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Exporting British Organic Cheddar

It’s an incredible venue right in the heart of the beautiful city of Cologne and spread over 11 vast halls. As you can imagine we were very firmly based in hall 10.1 – the Dairy Hall – surrounded by hundreds of dairy producers and exporters from around the world, showcasing the best in all things dairy.  From stunning aged parmesan to the freshest goat’s milk cheese this hall was chock full of delicious cheese.  The balance of old and new impresses us, too; the most amazing display of traditional cheesemaking in one direction, and in the next, some rather interesting innovations and flavours.

We were honoured to be there, flying the flag for the UK and showing off our award-winning organic range. With meetings with existing customers lined up, as well as some rather exciting new opportunities, this was certainly no holiday!


Black Truffle Cheddar

Our brand-new Black Truffle Vintage Organic Cheddar was the star of the show! Only released in September, this delicious truckle is proving popular.  The UK audience is totally behind this new innovation from Godminster and it was incredible to now get reactions from across the world too. You can expect to find our Truffle Cheddar in France, Belgium, Sweden, and Canada in the coming weeks, just to name a few, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled when you next travel.


Godminster Around the World

You can now find Godminster in 26 countries around the world and hopefully, more as we look to grow and broaden our reach further. We will be exporting award-winning British organic cheddar more over the coming months.

If you see a Godminster product abroad, please send us a snap.  Tell us where and when you saw us!  We do love to see how far our truckles travel.  Sometimes Godminster travels to far-flung locations that even we don’t know it’s gone to! Email us at

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