Godminster at 15: Jessica Kimber Holloway


As Godminster’s fifteenth year rolls around we turn to three of our staff members for three unique reflections on how time has passed. First up is our Production & Technical Manager Jessica Kimber-Holloway who is sharing her thoughts on Godminster at 15…

“When I first joined Godminster way back in 2007 the company looked nothing like it does today. In a very literal sense! We worked out of tiny little offices above the milking parlour. All the smell, noise, and heat flies that you would expect to come with such a unique office setup…

“Back then there were only four of us and since then we’ve outgrown ourselves again and again. Expanding the range to include our Organic Bries brought a fresh new dynamic to the production team. Moreover, with extra cheesemakers being brought on board. We did this to put into practice the specialised artisan skills required for making soft cheese. Since starting in 2013 our bries have been winning different awards each year and have been going from strength to strength. We’ll have even more exciting and new challenges facing our soft cheese team this year… watch this space for more news on that in the next few months!

“Now that we’re celebrating fifteen years of Godminster it’s a good time to sit back and reflect on how far we have come. It isn’t just the cheese company and the farm itself that has grown – our friends and families, young and old, have grown alongside us too, and helped to see Godminster through all kinds of exciting times. From crazy Christmas times to selling British cheddar to the French, Godminster has had some amazing high points and we’re all lucky to have been able to share that with our ever-expanding Godminster family. Here’s to fifteen more years!”

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