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Godminster’s Top Tips for Getting Out in the Fresh Air

Godminster to Bruton... where shall we walk today? There’s no escaping it, it’s likely to be a weekend of over-indulgence with Mothering Sunday lunch, dinner or chocolates - or perhaps all of the above! We love a good feast here at Godminster, so we’ve had to come up with some ways to balance it out with a bit of a blast in the fresh air. So if you’re feeling full after a Mother’s Day lunch - or just wanting to make the most of that big ball of light in the sky that’s been missing for months - here are our top tips to make the most of spring without straying too far from your doorstep.

  • Don’t wait for perfect conditions - now temperatures are above freezing, just make sure you take wellies, a coat with a hood and sense of humour and you can still enjoy the great outdoors despite a spot of rain.
  • Have a destination – how much more appealing is a walk when you know there’s a pub, a pie and a pint at the other end?
  • Turn your heating off – you might feel chilly as you step out, but by the time you get back with your lungs full of fresh air and your heart pumping, an artificially warm house will be the last thing you want.
  • Snap some happy memories - thanks to the wonders of modern technology it's now easier than ever to photograph our daily adventures. With the sun set to shine this weekend why not take some photos of your walk and Tweet us the results? We'll share our favourites!

It doesn’t have to cost the earth to enjoy what nature has to offer, so go and explore! Happy Mother’s Day. Jess