Give the gift of Godminster this Valentine’s Day


Godminster Organic Cheese - Heart Shaped









Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day has become a wonderful annual celebration of love on 14th February and something we look forward to.  More than just romantic love, we’re enjoying watching it develop into something inclusive of friendship and admiration too.

This year, why not put some thought into finding something special for your Valentine and choose cheese? We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with chocs and flowers – far from it! – but cheese sends a different kind of message. Naturally, we can think of one cheese in particular that is absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day; delicious, organic, and of course heart-shaped. Cheese gifts are something you can enjoy together, that create memories to last a lifetime.

A cheese-lover will really appreciate your effort im choosing a token that means something to them. Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar will always come with plenty of ‘life’ before its use-by date, so there’s no need to worry about when to buy.  If you’re going to give it as a gift, we sell it online in a box which makes it easy to wrap, though it must be kept refrigerated. 


How to serve your Godminster Vintage Organic Cheddar 

If you’re planning on serving Godminster as part of an after-dinner cheeseboard, take the truckle out of the fridge about an hour before you plan to eat it. Allow time for it to come up to room temperature for the full flavour to come out. 


Selecting the perfect Cheeseboard 

Of course, while we have been known to just serve Godminster as the cheese course, we know that people often like a choice of cheese.  We understand that choosing can be a bit more in-depth than cruising the aisle of the nearest supermarket and that approaching a deli or cheese counter can be intimidating if you don’t know what you’re after.

Most cheesemongers will be more than happy to help and we have a few pointers to get you started.  We suggest a selection of four different cheeses to give you lots of taste and texture variety. Assuming you have the cheddar sorted with Godminster, you’ll be looking for a soft cheese, like a brie or camembert.  Then you’ll want a blue cheese, and while many people think of Stilton, there are lots of different options that don’t have the ‘strength’ some people associate with blue cheese.

Finally, you’ll need a ‘something else.’  That really comes down to personal taste.  It could be goat’s cheese.  It could have ‘additives’, like a Wensleydale. Or it could be a smoked cheese, like our rather lovely Oak-Smoked Vintage Organic Cheddar, crowned Best Smoked Cheese at the World Cheese Awards in 2018!  It’s about adding interest and variety, so think about different shapes and colours too. That’s another reason why our heart-shaped cheddar in its beautiful burgundy wax is such a favourite.  Boards and knives can also add some colour and texture too, as well as fruits and biscuits.

Of course, there’s no rule that says you have to cheese after a meal.  You could start with cheese, or have an indoor picnic beside a roaring fire – what’s more romantic than that?

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