Father's Day 2019 | Godminster

Father's Day 2019

Listening to us talk in the Godminster office any day of the week, it’s clear that our fathers are very important to us; “My dad says that . . .” or “My dad did XYZ.”  We’re really proud of them and we love them very much so when Father’s Day comes around, we’re always glad to be able to honour them officially.  It’s not an easy job by any means, so to all the dads out there, thank you!

What we have discovered though is that fathers are tricky to buy for! It’s the same for birthdays, Christmas and Father’s Day – what to get him?!  Our dads between them have all sorts of interests and hobbies but we’re never quite sure that what we’ve found will be something he needs, or more importantly, that he would like.  Thankfully, we have a ready supply of cheese gifts that always go down a treat!

Gifts for every dad

Many dads have reached a point in their life whereby if they want something, they tend to just go and get it, which also adds to the trickiness in choosing a gift for them.  In our experience, a foodie gift is always a hit - a chance for a moment’s peace and indulgence, a time for reflection perhaps, and that’s why our After Dinner Port Gift Set has become such a popular choice for Father’s Day.

And for father figures

We understand that Father’s Day isn’t always easy for some people; perhaps your Dad is no longer around, or maybe your father didn’t cut it as a dad.  Some of us in the office will be buying for husbands, step-fathers, fathers-in-law as well this month, and it’s a wonderful chance to say ‘thank you’ to all the wonderful guys who have been there for us through the good times and those that weren’t so happy.  A good ‘father figure’ needn’t necessarily be the man who brought you up, after all, and you can still give a gift to show your appreciation.

Avoid socks again with our new gift set, the Cheddar & Chutney Collection. Unless he loves socks, in which case you should definitely get socks. The gift set comes with two of our award-winning truckles, including the fabulous Oak-Smoked Vintage Organic Cheddar that scooped Gold at the World Cheese Awards, a beautiful waxed Vintage Organic Cheddar which has a whole host of trophies to its name, and a jar of our Beetroot & Apple chutney, also award-winning in its own right  It’s a gift for him, but who are we to complain if he wants to share?!

Have a look at our full range of delicious foodie gifts and feel free to browse.  We delivery all over mainland UK, just choose a delivery date to suit you.

Whoever you’ll be celebrating on Father’s Day, have a wonderful time with them. And if you do choose to give the gift of Godminster, place your order by midnight on 12th June for free delivery ahead of Father’s Day on Sunday 16th June.