Experience no match for youth!

It never rains but it pours (well, at least that’s how it felt last Saturday when we took a stall at Bossington Estate, near Stockbridge in Hampshire, for a fun-filled day of fishing, shooting and a host of other country activities from ferret racing to falconry and dog training in aid of Wessex Haven Appeal). In spite of the wind and the rain there was a great crowd atmosphere and the weather didn’t seem to put people off at all - in fact, the stall was inundated with people buying and sampling cheeses - and very well received they were too. To round it all off, Richard challenged his nephew to the ultimate fishing precision test (put simply, the idea was to get your fishing fly through a hoop). I won’t reveal the winner – let’s just say on this occasion, experience was no match for youth! And finally, thanks to Richard and all his family mucking in, we had the  fastest pack-down in Godminster history – all in all, the perfect end to a (almost) perfect day!   Jess