Excitement at Godminster Farm

It’s that time of the year when we get to do one of our favourite things at Godminster Farm… it’s time to release the cows!

Every Winter we bring the herd indoors to stay nice and warm during the colder, wetter months. Their barn keeps them far more comfortable than they would be in the wet fields and they even get their special mattresses to sleep on at night. By the time Spring rolls around again and the ground is much warmer and drier then ladies can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the fresh green grass… which means when it comes to throwing open the doors the cows are absolutely overjoyed to be outside again! Have a look at the picture… one cow is so happy to be outside she’s been rolling in the grass already.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough the team at the farm has been welcoming all sorts of new arrivals. Calves and lambs have been adding to our numbers all this month, with nearly 17 new lambs (including a few triplets) joining the young flock.

Another new arrival is our brand-new tractor… stay tuned for pictures of that particular newcomer in later posts!


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