Easter Feasting







Easter Feasting

Easter is right up there with Christmas in our calendar of feasting opportunities and we’ve been looking forward to it for weeks now.  It’s symbolic of new beginnings and with the sun shining and trees in blossom, it looks like Spring is finally here.  Chocolate might well be on the menu for breakfast, and we’d be lying if we said that’s not one of the reasons we love this weekend, but it’s ‘Feaster lunch’ that we really look forward to as a foodie highlight.

Whether it’s a small gathering or the extended family is descending, planning and serving something completely delicious is a wonderful excuse for a get-together.  Involve everyone and make it a meal to remember; people like to feel like they’ve contributed, so ask guests to bring some wine or even dessert.

There are some traditional seasonal foods that people love to eat over Easter weekend, and we’re not just talking Easter eggs!  We’re spoilt in Somerset with so many amazing producers of meat, vegetables, drinks, and of course, cheese!



Chocolate eggs are a given at this time of year but more regular hens’ eggs are also a delicious addition to your Easter table.  Fresh eggs are essential in many good cake recipes, and they also make for a wonderful range of main courses, especially lighter lunches like a kedgeree or quiche.



Lamb always makes for an impressive show-stopper of a main course and a roast leg or shoulder is a great choice.



A delicious alternative to traditional roast potatoes, Godminster’s Stuffed New Potatoes are a lovely addition to your plate and a way to get your cheese fix into your main course!



Spring greens are just coming in to season now signalling the warmer weather on its way.  There are so many mouth-watering ways to prepare the new season’s vegetables and there’s a real joy in selecting the vegetables you’ll serve.



Sticking with the traditional theme, rhubarb is still in season so we’re thinking, a gorgeous rhubarb crumble with a thick, glossy custard . . .



Of course, after the main course and a sweet dessert, if it’s on your menu, your cheeseboard has a chance to shine! We have some ideas for putting together a cheeseboard here – as you might expect! – and we always love to see your photos.  If you’re happy to share, please email

Beyond an Easter Sunday roast, we’ll be making the most of the long weekend, and the opportunities for lazy brunches and afternoon tea.  We’re thinking a lovely thick slice of sourdough toast, a couple of rashers of bacon, and perhaps some slices of avocado, all topped off with a perfectly runny poached egg – the perfect brunch to start the weekend!

And of course, aside from chocolate eggs, hot cross buns are another Easter treat we can really get behind, toasted, with a generous slather of melted butter, and a hot cup of tea.  Good food, good company, and lots of happy memories.  Happy Easter everyone!

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