Coals to Newcastle

It may sound like a classic case of selling coals to Newcastle. But, we have just returned from a trip to France where we were selling cheese to the French! Actually, we already sell our vintage organic to a couple of French wholesalers so this isn’t entirely unchartered waters. However, the idea was to go and meet some more wholesalers and show them just how special Godminster cheese is!

After meeting up with a wholesaler called Alain and a delicious supper, we had a very early start the next day to visit Rungis Market just outside Paris, which is the largest wholesale market for fresh produce in the world, selling everything from meat and dairy to fruit and even flowers. It’s where all the top French chefs go to source their ingredients and is so huge you need a car to drive from one warehouse to the next – a true Mecca for gourmands. There are two enormous warehouses just for cheese, which you can image was totally awe-inspiring, and interestingly touching is allowed and even encouraged at Rungis because the buyers want to check the ripeness of the cheese. All in all, a fascinating trip – and the good news is the French want to sample our new organic brie. Oooh la la!



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