Christmas Round Up 2016

A summary of 2016 from Richard Hollingber, Founder and Managing Director, Godminster Vintage

It has been a fascinating and educational year. For the first time since my Farm Manager and I stood at Wincanton Farmers’ Market back in 2000, been in overall charge of operations at Godminster Vintage. It has advanced a great deal since then!

The team I work with has impressed me throughout the year. Sticking rigidly to and delivering on the plans that were agreed upon in this year’s budget. Indeed, at the time of writing, we are even a little ahead of expectations! None of this is possible without the full support and commitment of everyone working for the Company for which I am grateful.

Taking home the Gold

We have worked particularly hard on two aspects of the business – firstly the continued development of our now spectacular brie, which deservedly, in my opinion, won a Gold Award at the Global Cheese Awards in the autumn. This now means that every cheese product we offer boasts a Gold Award, which, again, is a testament to the involvement at all levels throughout the Company. Allied to this our sales and marketing team have fully engaged with our customers on a regular basis.  We ensure that they have a full knowledge of what Godminster has to offer. Also the reasons behind our approach to the food chain.

Looking ahead

2017 will present a whole new set of challenges. Not least increasing the capacity of the Godminster Dairy herd to cope with the increasing demand for the organic milk used in our cheeses. We have also secured a government grant to increase capacity for the brie-making facility and along with it, the creation of six permanent jobs.

As I speak the warehouse crew has been fantastic at keeping up with the flush of Christmas orders. They are looking at ways of expanding our capacity. Especially in light of the increasing popularity of online shopping.

Finally, I thank all of you loyal customers and food lovers for your continued interest and support in what we are trying to achieve here at Godminster, because, without you, none of this would be possible.

Happy Christmas and see you all in 2017!

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