Choosing the Perfect Teacher’s Gift

Choosing the Perfect Teacher’s Gift









The Perfect Teacher’s Gift

The summer holidays are fast approaching. While for many of us it means a small step closer to a well-earned rest, there are parents up and down the country thinking about how to occupy the children for the long break.  And even before that, what to get the teachers as a token of appreciation.

Your child’s teacher is unlikely to be expecting a gift – they go into the profession because they want to see children achieve great things – but that doesn’t mean they aren’t extremely grateful and touched when they do receive something.  Moreover, it’s a nice life lesson to teach the kids about showing thanks and appreciation for someone who’s helped us out.

Look at the seasonal aisle in all the supermarkets and you’ll almost certainly see Back to School lines already (why, when they haven’t even broken up yet?) and a selection of things badged as “teachers’ gifts,” and that’s ok.  We’d like to offer up some alternative suggestions (and yes, they’re cheese-based!) because we think there are only so many mugs with a “World’s Best Teacher” slogan on them a person can keep on their desk. Not very many!

Candles are a popular gift, though the scent is such a personal choice it can be very difficult to get right.  It is the same for a lot of gifts. Especially when you consider that they might receive anywhere between 10 and 30 gifts depending on their class size.  The same can be said for hand creams, or photo frames, or anything for the home.

Cheese is the answer

Here at Godminster, we find that cheese is the answer to many questions!  It also works really well as a gift for your favourite teacher.  With 95.5% of households in Britain buying cheddar every week, a gift of cheese is something they will certainly appreciate, and Godminster is particularly special.  We have a range of gift sets to buy online that can be delivered to your home, or directly to your school if you prefer, and our Bruton shop is open seven days a week so if you are in the area we would love to see to and help you choose something.  Online orders are free to UK mainland addresses.  Also you can choose a preferred delivery date to suit you any time before the end of term.

The end of the school year is about celebrating achievements, relaxing after all the hard work of the academic year. That goes for pupils as well as teachers. Some delicious cheese is the perfect gift that your teacher can enjoy on their own, or with friends and family.

There is no need to spend a lot of money, it is a gesture after all. So you might prefer to chip in with some other like-minded parents. Or buy a gift voucher for a meal at a lovely restaurant close to the school.  That does take more organisation of course, so maybe just stick with the cheese!

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