Cheesy Picnic Favourites

Cheesy Picnic Favourites

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner – so it’s time to dig out that picnic blanket and head out into the great British outdoors. What do you like to include in your picnic basket? Champagne and strawberries are a given, but what fresh food and delicious snacks are a must when dining alfresco?

It can be quite difficult to make healthy and heart-warming food which is also portable and will keep for a couple of hours in warm weather. Salads and sandwiches are a firm favourite for this reason, but with a bit of creativity in the kitchen you can be more adventurous! Whether you prefer a simple affair or a lavish lunch, we’ve put together a range of cheesy ideas for the great British picnic.

Cheese and Pickle Sandwich

The classic cheese and pickle sandwich is an oldie but a goody! Who can refuse a beautiful sandwich, made with fresh farmhouse brown bread and filled with homemade mature Cheddar and a lovely dollop of pickle? To upgrade the classic recipe, replace the Branston pickle with a fruity organic chutney for a fresh twist.

Greek Feta Salad

Nobody does fresh, summer delicacies quite like the Greeks. Light and crunchy, a feta salad is the perfect picnic choice. It’s also incredibly simple to make – just mix chopped tomatoes, cucumber and onions then add olives and crumbled feta. Add oil if desired and extra seasoning such as salt, pepper and oregano.

Cheese Scones

If you’re a master baker then you may want to prepare some fresh treats in advance. Follow a normal scone recipe, but instead of adding raisins add cheddar and parmesan to form the dough. These beautiful snacks taste even better outdoors!

Bacon and Cheese Quiche

Light and fluffy but also rather filling, a quiche is the perfect lunch food. Again this recipe requires a bit of preparation and cooking compared to a sandwich or salad, but it’s definitely worth it. This quiche uses bacon and onion in the recipe, however you can add anything you like to a quiche and make a vegetarian option if you wish.

Cheese and Crackers

If you don’t want a big meal or leave the house later in the afternoon, why not enjoy some simple cheese and crackers as an afternoon snack? Nothing beats gourmet rosemary crackers topped with light, flavoursome cheese and some fruity chutney.

You’ve got your picnic food sorted, now we just have to depend on the British weather!

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