Cheese Rules to Live By

Cheese Rules to Live By

Here at Godminster, cheese isn’t just something we enjoy eating – it’s a way of life. As with all things as delicious, complex and magical as cheese, there are some rules you have to live by to get the most out of it.

Here are some of the cheese rules we live by:

Rule 1: Always consider storage

Storage is such an important element to cheese ownership. Where you store your cheese has a huge impact on how it tastes – and how long it lasts – so it’s worth doing a little bit of research into the optimum storage for different kinds of the good stuff. We recommend storing cheese in waxed paper (not cling film!) to prevent it from drying out.  There are some great beeswax or special cheese paper products available on the market. Do keep your cheese airtight, not just for the benefit of the cheese but also to prevent tainting other things in your fridge – anyone who’s ever left a particularly pungent cheese ‘loose’ in the fridge will know what we’re talking about!

Rule 2: Slow and gradual is better for melting

If you’ve got plans to melt some cheese (who doesn’t at some point!) then low and slow is the way to do it. Taking the temperature up slowly (rather than suddenly) will help the cheese keep its flavour, and also stop the fat from separating. Doing it this way will give you the ultimate, beautiful, dunkable, melted cheese.

Rule 3: Always grate your cheese when it’s cold

This makes the grating process so much easier, and prevents any wastage too. Some cheeses don’t lend themselves well to grating, but a little time in the fridge can change that! Cold is always better if grating is the end goal.

Rule 4: Alone isn’t always better!

We love cheese, but we know that it tastes just as amazing with a little help from some other food groups. Learn how to compliment cheese with various chutneys and meats and your love affair with cheese will live even longer. The right accompaniment can transfer the flavour of a cheese, and it adds even more fun to eating it – because you get to test out lots of combinations!

Rule 5: Don’t be afraid to be adventurous

There are so many amazing types and flavours of cheese out there, and one key rule of the ‘cheese life’ is tasting and sampling as many as you can. We will never stop trying out new ideas, and we hope our customers will never stop wanting to try them.  We take a lot of inspiration from the flavours and colours available in the fruits and roots that grow around our beautiful organic farm (our Rosemary Water Biscuits, or our Beetroot & Apple Chutney are two great examples that go perfectly with our Vintage Organic Cheddar) and we’re proud of the quintessentially British flavours we produce.

Are there any rules you would add to the list?

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