Cheese gift ideas for Christmas

If you know a cheese lover who would love nothing more than for Father Christmas to bring some delicious cheese down their chimney, you’re probably searching for the best cheese gift ideas to make their Christmas wishes come true. 

We’ve put together a list of some of the best organic cheese gifts you could consider gifting during the festive season to spread some Christmas cheer.


Top cheese gifts for foodies at Christmas


Cheese gift sets and hampers

After Dinner Truffle and Port - Round









Cheese gift sets and hampers really are the whole package as there is a variety of treats inside for the recipient to enjoy. Hampers and gift boxes will often include wine or port, a range of cheeses and other treats that complement the cheese such as crackers or chutney. Something for you to think about is the theme of the gift box and what best suits the tastes of the lucky person receiving it. For example, you can find spicy, seasonal, sweet and traditional-themed cheese hampers to name a few. 

You could also opt to create your very own cheese hamper to gift someone, hand-picking the cheeses and accompanying gifts you know that they’ll love to include. Why not take a look at our range of organic cheeses to get some ideas of what you could add inside?


Cheese board


Milk and More Godminster Cheese Board
Milk and More Cheese Board











Christmas and cheese boards go hand-in-hand. Why not buy a loved one a new cheeseboard which they can use to conveniently display and serve their favourite cheeses on? Cheese boards are typically made from slate or wood so you can think about which type would best suit their individual taste. You can even find personalised cheese boards to make it a cheese gift with a personal touch.


Crackers and biscuits


Godminster Cracker Range









If you’re gifting someone with cheese, why not also treat them to tasty treats such as crackers and biscuits which will complement the cheese’s flavour? You can find sweet and savoury crackers to suit a range of tastes so all you’ll need to do is a little research to determine which types of crackers will work best for the cheeses your recipient prefers. If you’re planning on giving friends or family a range of cheeses or if you’re not sure what types of cheese they enjoy most, you can find a cheese cracker selection with a variety of flavoured crackers which will complement soft, hard or crumbly cheese – this way, you’ll be covering all bases. 




Cases of 6 110g Beetroot & Apple Chutney








Chutney can seriously liven up any Christmas cheese board. You can find sweet or savoury chutneys and jams to perfectly match the cheeses you’re gifting as well as cold meats. The best chutney to gift at Christmas will depend on the types of cheese the recipient has, for example, caramelised red onion chutney is great for mature cheddar or strong cheeses such as stilton whereas sweet chilli chutney is an ideal partner for mild cheddar or hard cheeses.


Wine and port











Get your loved one into the Christmas spirit with a wine that pairs beautifully with their cheese. 

The best wine to complement cheese depends on the flavour of the cheese. Classic cheese and wine pairings include:

  • Port and blue cheese or cheeses with strong flavours such as aged cheddar, gouda and romano.
  • White wine and soft, rich cheeses such as camembert or brie.
  • Red wine and aged cheeses such as cheddar or gouda. 
  • Prosecco and cheeses with earthy flavours. Camembert and brie are popular matches for this bubbly wine!

Why not treat your special someone to a cheese and port set or a cheese and wine set this Christmas?


What to consider when picking the right cheese gifts

  • The recipient’s favourite cheeses – don’t forget to consider the recipient’s personal tastes and preferences. For example, if you know that they love black truffle cheddar, you could try to find organic cheese gifts which include black truffle cheese as it’s a safe bet they’ll love it!
  • Whether the recipient likes to try new things – know a foodie who is notoriously difficult to buy for as they seem to have tried everything? Why not look for cheese gifts that have a quirky edge? For example, here at Godmisnter, our Daredevil chilli cheese gifts are sure to spice up anyone’s Christmas!
  • How many people the cheese gifts are designed for – you want to make sure that the cheese gift set is appropriate for the recipients. For example, if you’re gifting a couple an organic cheese gift set, make sure there’s enough to go around!
  • Whether the recipient has any allergies or intolerances – this is important to consider as the last thing you want is to send someone a Christmas gift that they can’t enjoy. Make sure that you find out whether the recipient has any food sensitivities so you can work around this. 
  • What your budget is – your budget will inevitably have an impact on your choice of cheese gifts. Here at Godminster, we have a wide range of cheese gifts and hampers at prices to suit all budgets. 

Who the recipient is – consider the relationship between yourself and the lucky recipient of the cheese gifts. For example, if you want a romantic gift for your cheese-loving partner, you could consider buying a heart-shaped gift set to slip into their stocking. Alternatively, If you’re looking for organic cheese gifts for your team at work, you can find corporate cheese gifts and hampers to put a smile on more than one face over the holidays!


Looking for cheese gifts?

If you’re looking for cheese gifts to treat your loved ones (or yourself…why not?) this festive season, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Godminster, we sell a wide range of cheese gifts and hampers, lovingly put together to spread some Christmas cheer! Browse our award-winning cheese products today or get in touch with us if you have any questions.




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