Can you freeze cheese?

There are many types of food that can be frozen and enjoyed at a later date (but there are exceptions, which we’ll briefly touch on later!). Whilst freezing your cheese means you don’t have to waste anything (as freezing food prevents the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mould), it’s important to note that the texture and quality of your food may be affected by doing so.

While we do not recommend freezing your Godminster truckles, some people do choose to freeze their hard cheddar cheese at home.

What types of cheese can be frozen?

As previously mentioned, freezing cheese can affect its taste and texture, and for harder cheeses, this means they may become more crumbly and difficult to cut. It’s therefore best to only freeze cheeses that you intend to include in cooked dishes as opposed to being eaten fresh.

The reason for this is that their texture can become quite watery and grainy after being frozen and thawed – not something many of us would enjoy!

Can cheese be frozen, thawed, and frozen again?

If you have frozen and thawed your cheese, you should use it as soon as possible and avoid re-freezing it as this ensures it is safe to eat and of good quality.

Fancy some delicious cheddar cheese?

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