The big freeze thaws....finally!

The weather leading up to Christmas caused a lot of problems for everyone and for the team here it at Godminster Farm it was no exception. Our ponds all froze as did the winding roads that lead up to the farm and we actually had to traverse the fields rather than use the roads as they were more like ice rinks. In fact the few times that we did take our tractors out onto the roads it was to rescue some of the local residents’ cars that had skidded off into the hedges!

We have also had to deal with a couple of burst water pipes, which when you have 180 thirsty cows to look after, is something that needs fixing very quickly! But everyone has pitched in and we have managed to the keep everything going which is great.

It wasn’t all bad though as along with the daily visits of a huge flock of starlings to the farm recently we have also welcomed quite a few people who ventured out to go tobogganing on some of our steeper hills which looked like great fun – and as you can see from the picture things have finally thawed out.