All hands on deck


Even in our more serious moments Godminster Farm is far from a corporate machine – our idea of ‘blue sky thinking’ is having a lie down in the orchard, with a glass of cider and looking up! But as we head towards Christmas time we become even less formal, all job titles go out the window as it’s all hands on deck.

We are incredibly busy, picking, wrapping and packaging orders, to make sure that everyone gets their delicious, organic Godminster gifts in time – on that note, our last day for dispatch to guarantee Christmas delivery is 19th December, so please keep that in mind! Everyone is working their Christmas socks off and as well as being very busy, all that time spent in the warehouse can mean we get very cold.  But we have a very delicious way of combating that particular problem.

As well as becoming a chief packer, I also become head chef. To make sure everyone is nice and warm at lunch time I prepare my famous cheesy-leek jacket potatoes.  In the morning I place all the potatoes on the bottom shelf of the AGA at home. Then at lunch time I nip home to make a quick sauce with lots of Godminster cheddar, and then stir in some softened leeks (fresh from my garden).  Then as the final step, I whizz it all back over to Godminster for the whole team to enjoy – which keeps us all going very nicely until the end of the day.


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