All About Our Brie


Godminster’s range of Organic Bries are lovingly handmade by our skilled artisan cheesemakers Malcolm and Steve Dyer in the beautiful market town of Bruton, Somerset. One of the secrets to their great taste is the fresh organic milk delivered daily from our 1,300-acre farm only one mile away from the dairy itself. Enjoy the smooth, creamy ripeness of the Organic Brie when it’s at full maturity or when it’s crumbly and young.

The process of creating our Handmade Organic Brie only takes seven days from us collecting the milk to wrapping the final product ready for sale:

1. Firstly, cows milked at Godminster Farm
2. Cheese manufactured on the day of milk collection – one mile from the farm
3. Cheeses are drained overnight
4. Transferred to a drying room for 24 hours
5. Then transferred to ripening rooms for 6 days which are temperature and humidity controlled
6. Wrapped by hand on day 7
7. Ready for sale. Buy your own Godminster Organic Brie Selection here!

Godminster Organic Brie can be enjoyed at any stage of its life – just take a look at our handy chart below to see what you can expect from your cheese as it matures:

Approx. 4 – 6 weeks prior to Use By Date: Young & Firm

Approx. 2 – 4 weeks prior to Use By Date: Medium Ripe

Approx. 1 – 2 weeks prior to Use By Date: Ripe

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