A Year in Review at Godminster Farm

As we get ready for a busy 2022, Godminster’s farm manager Pete looks back at the last twelve months at the farm…

2021 was an interesting year for Godminster Farm! Things started out tough with a cold dry spring resulting in poor grass growth. But as is with nature, conditions did improve rapidly and it eventually turned out to be one of the best growing seasons ever. This meant we had plenty of forage conserved for the winter months which is key for ensuring the Godminster herd can continue to be fed on the homegrown grass when not in the field.

You may have heard that we picked up a few trophies in 2021 too. Being awarded ‘Best Large Organic Farm’ at the UK’s only organic awards was a fantastic achievement and one that we’re all proud of. It’s a fantastic pat on the back for the farm team who go above and beyond to make sure the Godminster herd is as happy and healthy as possible.

Godminster Farm isn’t just about dairy though – we also happen to grow some very fine organic oats for Whites. The team at White’s awarded us with ‘Best Organic Oat Supplier’ as well which was another great recognition for the hard work that goes on at the farm.

Despite knock-on effects from continuing Covid hassles, the farm team was as hardworking and good-spirited as ever and were a credit to the farm. Now we’re in the new year our focus has turned toward our next calving block in February. Preparations are well on the way to make sure the Godminster herd is in great condition and ready to calve again.


Richard Hollingbery and Peter Cheek at Godminster Farm

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