A winter cocktail

As the nights draw in, our thoughts turn to nice long country walks. Crunching through fallen leaves, returning home to a roaring fire. We’ve been thinking of a little something to help warm your cockles!

A mug of steaming tea is great, as is a nice hot bowl of creamy soup, a crusty loaf, and a hunk of Godminster cheese, but for those evenings when you want a little kick, how about trying Richard’s Godminster Bumpkins Bloodytini – it’s hot – but not in temperature! All you need to prepare this winter cocktail is… 6 Cherry tomatoes 6-8 Mint leaves 3 Chilli rings 10ml Worcester sauce 10ml each, of lemon juice and orange juice 40ml Godminster Horseradish Vodka 25ml Tomato juice Pinch of salt, and a pinch of pepper

Now this is how you make it… Muddle the cherry tomatoes with mint, salt, pepper, and chilli in a Boston glass. Add the lemon, orange, Worcester sauce, and vodka. Mix well with cubed ice (don’t shake!). Add the tomato juice; throw into a Boston can and double strain into a chilled Martini glass. Garnish with a cherry tomato on a cocktail stick. Our Horseradish Vodka is made using English vodka from a distillery in London and then infused with horseradish grown on Godminster Farm.  Our packaged gift set of Organic Horseradish Vodka with three cans of spicy tomato juice is the perfect way to make sure you can whip up a Godminster Bumpkins Bloodytini when you return home after a long walk, a busy trip Christmas shopping, or even just an afternoon at the pub!



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