A taste of life on the farm


On Tuesday we had our very first open day at Godminster Farm. Hillbrooke Hotels, who use Godminster cheese at all of its restaurants, (worth knowing when you’re picking a hotel!) sent a team down to learn a little more about how Godminster cheese is made. First off, was a tour of our soft cheese making unit – where the team got to see all of our fresh milk being turned into deliciously creamy cheese. From there, they travelled in authentic Godminster style (by tractor and trailer!) around the farm to see our animals, crops and woodland – without which there would be no Godminster.

We then broke for lunch, which included salad that is grown at Godminster by our gardener, Nicole, fresh bread baked by The Chapel Bakery and Restaurant in Bruton, and of course Godminster cheese! After lunch we took a stroll around the walled garden, which is where Richard grows all of the fruits and herbs that he likes to experiment with before creating new products. We all had a wonderful time despite the rain, but then again you can’t have a taste of life on a Somerset farm without being exposed to a little rainfall! Jess


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