A good party


There’s nothing like a good party – birthday, wedding, special anniversary, family get-together we’re not fussy, as long the food and drink are great and the company’s fun, we’re there. Better still if the sun’s shining and there’s that certain “Ooh factor” – that buzz that comes with something a bit out of the ordinary.

No, we’re not talking vodka ice sculptures or chocolate fountains but something a bit more, er, cheesy (but in a good way, you understand!). This is why we have created the new Godminster Celebration Cheese Cake, a glorious tower of mouth-watering deliciousness that serves from 100 -120, from brie and vintage cheddar to goat’s cheese, and lots more besides. The good news is we have made our new Cheese Cake this month’s prize. All you only have to do is answer how many varieties of cheese are in our cake and that’s it, simples as they say. Don’t forget to tell your friends and spread the love. And remember – cue cheesy wedding joke – a Godminster Celebration Cheese Cake should be the only thing in tiers on the day!



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