• This week we were honoured to be awarded a SILVER for our lovely handmade Traditional Organic Brie. This is the very same handmade Somerset Brie made with milk from Godminster Farm that has also won a Great Taste award in the heart-shaped variety too.

    What a winner!

  • It's one of the busiest time of the year at Godminster farm - the silage cutting is still ongoing as we make the most of the Summer sun.

    The dairy herd are out enjoying the warmth of our fields and we've just replaced the mattresses in our cow sheds so that they're just as comfy indoors as they are outdoors!

    When September starts we'll have even more activity as the second half of our herd starts calving - stay tuned for more pics!

  • Once again we've had a terrific time supporting Camp Kerala this year! To celebrate our many years of partnership with Camp Kerala and their glamorous Glastonbury Festival camping grounds, head chef Ian Alexander of Cru Events has put together a fantastic selection of recipes for us to share with our Godminster fans.

    First up is this wonderful Brie & Wild Mushroom Strata featuring our Godminster Organic Brie. We'll be releasing them over the next few weeks so keep an eye on our recipe page, blog, social media and our newsletters for more details!


  • We’re honoured to announce that our Heart-Shaped Traditional Organic Brie was awarded a greatly coveted Great Taste award last week – meaning it joins our list of Great Taste-winning roll of honour that already includes our Digestives, Chutney and Vodka Spirits range!

    If you want to get your hands on a ‘perfectly ripe little cheese’ (official judges’ comments, Great Taste 2016) then you can find the Heart-Shaped Traditional Organic Brie in our ‘Heart to Heart’ gift pack or sold individually in your local farm shops and delis.

  • We all know the famous old proverb 'make hay while the sun shines' - and it's famous because it's true!

    When the summer sun shines down on Godminster Farm then it's a sign to get cracking - there's hay and silage to be made, both of which will keep our dairy herd happy and healthy during the less sunny winter months.

    Another important job is picking all the plump, juicy blackcurrants that go in to our Blackcurrant Vodka Spirit. Over the years we've planted scores of blackcurrant bushes around Godminster farm not just for our delicious vodka infusions but also because the cows like munching on them too!

    The blackcurrants picked this summer will mean that the Blackcurrant Vodka Spirits for the rest of the year will taste of lovely sun-warmed fruit, all year long. Hopefully the hot sun this July will shine through in this year's batch :)


    Many of our fields have 'margins' like the above picture, where we allow wildflowers to flourish and encourage as much insect biodiversity as possible. Here is where we find all kinds of life living among the edges - it's all part of our dedication to farming organically!

  • With both Father’s Day coming up on the horizon and the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations this month, we’re giving all of our lovely newsletter customers £5 off to spend in our online shop!

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  • “Somerset and Bruton based cheese maker Godminster won the best packaging trophy at the prestigious British Cheese Awards 2016 held at the Royal Bath and West Show yesterday

    The team picked up the award for its signature burgundy waxed Vintage Organic Cheddar heart. The judges placed the heart shaped cheddar first for its winning combination of shape, colour, classic design and award-winning taste.

    Receiving the award on behalf of Godminster, Deborah Bradfield, Head of Sales & Marketing, commented: ‘We’re thrilled to have won this prestigious award. Our Vintage Organic Cheddar has been widely praised for its flavour. It’s great that the judges decided it looks as good as it tastes. This makes all the hard work that the team put in to producing high quality cheeses every day worthwhile. To have been recognised by the judging panel against such strong competition is a credit to everyone involved.’

    The British Cheese award adds to Godminster’s successes at the Guild of Fine Food Taste Awards, the International Cheese Awards and the Global Cheese Awards. The British Cheese Awards were founded by Juliet Harbutt, one of the world’s leading authorities on cheese, in 1994. The Royal Bath and West Show took over the running of the awards in 2015. The awards recognise the efforts of the UK’s leading cheese producers, big and small.”


  • Richard, owner of Godminster, spoke to Speciality magazine this month and here’s a snippet of what he had to say:

    Lots of discussions, lists and forward thinking is how I grew Godminster to what it is today. A lot of what ifs and what if nots. I have an approach which I call my ‘hot air balloon approach’ – basically, you imagine yourself looking down on what’s going on around you to get perspective.

    You’ve got to absolutely adore what you’re doing – if you don’t love it, change jobs. Everyone in the Godminster team seems to truly get what we’re trying to achieve, even though it’s quite difficult to put into words. They sometimes ask me what it’s all about, and I answer, “This – precisely what we’re doing!”. Hopefully we’re ticking loads of boxes such as supporting the local economy and looking after people, at the same time as being humble enough to recognise that we’re not perfect and still make plenty of mistakes.

    We’re very lucky to have come up with a delicious product, as well as one which is striking to look at. The branding is very simple and eye-catching, and that combined with our keenness to look after people we have created some very loyal customers.

    Throughout my time in the sector I’ve learned to plan ahead and to listen; I have learned that food is great, and that people who love making food are great as well. You get so many enthusiasts in our sector, and it’s an utter joy to work around people who are as passionate about what they do as you are about what you do.”

    Read the full interview in Speciality’s June issue.

  • It’s that time of the year when we get to do one of our favourite things at Godminster Farm… it’s time to release the cows!

    Every Winter we bring the herd indoors to stay nice and warm during the colder, wetter months. Their barn keeps them far more comfortable than they would be in the wet fields and they even get their special mattresses to sleep on at night. By the time Spring rolls around again and the ground is much warmer and drier then ladies can’t wait to get outside and enjoy the fresh green grass… which means when it comes to throwing open the doors the cows are absolutely overjoyed to be outside again! Have a look at the picture… one cow is so happy to  be outside she’s been rolling in the grass already :)

    As if that wasn’t exciting enough the team at the farm have been welcoming all sorts of new arrivals. Calves and lambs have been adding to our numbers all this month, with nearly 17 new lambs (including a few triplets) joining the young flock.

    Another new arrival is our brand new tractor… stay tuned for pictures of that particular newcomer in later posts!