• cows cow calving

    As the seasons change throughout the year, so does the activity on the farm. Godminster is a fully working farm, so when we’re not in the dairies producing our distinctive organic cheese we can be found out on the fields, looking after our livestock or tending the crops.

    We’re well into autumn now, and as the weather turns we’re doing as much as we can outdoors before winter sets in. Autumn is actually a very busy time of year, to make sure everything is planted and ready before the temperatures plummet. Earlier in the year we’ve completed the spring calving and harvested the crops in August.

    Autumn Calving

    Many people are surprised to find out that we have a calving cycle in autumn, as spring is traditionally the time of year for livestock to give birth. However, at Godminster we have two separate calving rotations, one in spring and one in September. In fact, 70% of our cows calve in the autumn!

    As you can imagine, it’s a very busy time while we deliver all of the calves safely. This is also when we start serving cows who will be ready to calve the following autumn. Calving is an ongoing process; there is always a job to do, from weaning the calves and weighing them to serving the females on heat.

    Changing Landscapes

    At this time of year, the grass growth starts to slow, so we have to reduce grazing time for our cows. In November, it’s time to start housing all stock for the winter to protect it from snow and icy temperatures. The change of season also brings some of the most beautiful scenes across the farm, from stunning autumnal sunsets, as the last rays dip behind below the horizon, or the first bites of frost nipping at the fields.

    Autumn is one of our favourite seasons, and the gorgeous golden leaves falling are a great indication that it’s also the time of year for preparing for Christmas festivities! In the dairy buildings we’re producing extra cheese for our gift packages and hampers which are in high demand come December. 

  • Bruton-based cheese producers Godminster was runner up in the People’s Choice category at the Great British Cheese Awards, proving once again the popularity of this organic cheese brand. 

    Godminster Organic Brie was one of 500+ cheeses nominated by the public, that was then narrowed down to a shortlist.  The hand-made brie was shortlisted in the Best Soft Cheese category, and the People’s Choice, where it picked up the Runner-Up prize.

    The event was held in London in October, with a judging panel of chefs, food writers and celebrities.

    Collecting the award on behalf of Godminster, Commercial Director, Deborah Bradfield, said, “This award is so exciting for us! We know our cheese is delicious, but to have the general public recognise that, amongst all the other great British cheeses, is fantastic!

    “It’s the latest in a great line of awards for Godminster this year, but this one is special because it’s a public nomination. Our brie has such a lovely story, too – handmade by two brothers, milk exclusively from our own cows, and of course, it’s organic, which is increasingly important to people.”

    There were also a top award at the International Cheese Awards 2017 for the Organic Brie with Black Pepper, taking Gold.  And it’s not just Godminster’s brie that’s being recognised; earlier this year, Godminster won Food & Drink Business of the Year Award at the 2017 Western Gazette Business Awards, held in Yeovil, Gold at the British Cheese Awards in the Best Packaging category and Gold for their Heart-Shaped Vintage Organic Cheddar.

  • Image of camembert and baguette on a winter tablecloth

    Christmas is coming! It’s that wonderful time of year once again which brings people together. Of course, one of the most important elements of the Christmas season is the seasonal food. Celebrations centre on food and Christmas is no different – traditional turkey, Christmas pudding and mince pies are just a few delicacies which come to mind.

    As a symbol of luxury and decadence, cheese hampers make a great Christmas gift. Cheese is well known as a sumptuous comfort food and can also be used in a variety of Christmas dishes. Read on for some great ideas for cheesy recipes for the festive season – and no, we don’t mean cheap or nasty recipes…just pure cheesy goodness!

    camembert on a red winter cloth with bread

    Cheese fondue

    This classic Alpine delicacy is the perfect winter indulgence. If you don’t have a fondue pot, you can boil a pan of water and place a bowl over it for the same effect. There are a few different fondue recipes to follow but we love Jamie Oliver’s easy cheese fondue which uses three different cheeses, shallots, cider and herbs. It’s perfect as a starter or to enjoy with a few drinks – fondue is as its best when it’s warm and gooey.

    Chocolate and orange cheesecake

    If you’re looking for an alternative dessert for Christmas day then this could be a winner. Combining cream cheese, Cointreau and orange chocolate, this is one of the tastiest cheesecakes we’ve ever tried. Make it the day before the festive party and serve straight from the fridge.

    Cheese pastries

    Puff pastry and cheese go together like a horse and carriage, and these cheese pastries are so easy to make. Simply use a ready-made roll of puff pastry, cut into shapes and bake in the oven with your favourite cheese grated and sprinkled on top. Organic cheddar is our top choice but any grated cheese you have in the fridge will do. Make the treats even more festive by using shape cutters such as stars and Christmas trees.

    Mulled wine camembert

    Baked camembert is the perfect winter warmer, and one way to mix it up is with some festive flavours. There are many ways to top camembert but at Christmas it has to be with a mulled wine chutney. Bake the camembert as normal, putting some slits in the top, while you warm up the wine and the chutney together in a pan (great chutney flavours include apple, beetroot and red onion). Once the cheese is perfectly melted, spread the mulled wine chutney on top and serve with your chosen savoury snack to dip.

    Can you think of any more delicious cheese recipes for the festive period?

  • Here at Godminster Farm the wellbeing of every cow is absolutely paramount.

    We are pleased to reveal that our organic cows are now wearing brand new, bright blue rumination collars. This revolutionary technology is a health monitoring program that includes an app for smartphones, that tracks the rumination (the cows chewing the grass) and activity of each cow. The data gathered is based on the behaviour of the cows and means that if there is any metabolic abnormality it is picked up early – in fact all the dairy staff are sent a notification as soon as it occurs! This ties in with our commitment to farming organically and preventing any disease before it has a chance to develop. All of the data from each cow’s collar is transmitted back to the hub then tracked and monitored.

    So, as you can see the health of our 280 organic herd (that makes the milk that goes into our organic cheese) is carefully managed with a dedication to high standards of animal welfare.

  • image of christmas cookies on a plate with red ribbon

    It’s never too early to start Christmas shopping – especially if you have lots of presents to buy, it’s a good idea to be organised. Finding the perfect Christmas gift can be rather stressful, unless you find a simple shopping experience away from the busy high streets. Picking out artisan gifts from independent retailers or shopping online is usually the best way to avoid panic buying and the easiest way to seek out an ideal present.

    For the foody in the family, you know you need something delicious and extra special for Christmas. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the finer things in life – especially when it comes to food and drink – and it’s the perfect time of year to indulge. Whether your dad fancies himself as a wine connoisseur or your sister has a taste for vintage cheese, take a look at these unique food gifts for inspiration.

    After Dinner Cheese and Port

    This gift set is brand new for Christmas 2017 and features an award winning port for the expert port sampler in the family. Churchill’s Reserve port is a luxury treat, especially when paired with the most delicious organic cheeses – there are two vintage cheddars included in the gift set. This is the perfect pairing if ever we created one!

    Triple Tipple

    Every family has one – the person who loves an alcoholic beverage. If you know someone who loves vodka then the triple tipple gift set is naturally the ideal choice. Featuring three different flavours of infused Godminster vodka, the recipient can sample the award winning spirits alone or with a mixer. The bottles will be a welcome addition to any drinks cabinet.

    Cheese Lovers

    For the ultimate cheese lover there is no greater gift than this stunning hamper full of goodies. The Cheese Lovers gift box includes a selection of Godminster’s finest cheeses paired with a fruity bottle of red wine. It’s a great present for a cheese obsessed couple or anybody who likes to entertain. The gift set certainly includes enough to share, with 3 200g cheeses and a box of delectable rosemary biscuits.

    Bloody Good Mary

    If you want to thank a party host or give a gift for the morning after, look no further than A Bloody Good Mary gift set. Perhaps you know someone who enjoys a bloody Mary but doesn’t know how to make one at home? This present contains everything you need to make the perfect bloody Mary – horseradish infused vodka and five bottles of spicy tomato juice.

    Take a look at the full range of gift sets perfect for foodies here.

  • Look at our lovely rosette collection! We picked these up at the Global Cheese Awards earlier this month.  We were humbled and excited to be picked from over 1,100 entries from around the world and to get recognition amongst such great company!

    We won gold for the Best Wedding Cheese Cake, which looks spectacular and is always a crowd pleaser.  Our iconic Vintage Organic Cheddar claimed gold in the Best Waxed Cheese class, and our third gold came in the Best UK Speciality Organic Cheese.

    We are always proud to be British!


  • It seems like summer is officially over – and there haven’t been many opportunities for a BBQ or a picnic, however there’s still time yet! If we’re lucky then we’ll get an Indian summer and enjoy mild temperatures and possibly a bit of sunshine through September and October. We’re hoping for some picnic weather soon, and when the sun does decide to shine…we’ve got your al fresco snacks covered.

    Cheese is the perfect food to take along in a picnic basket. It is best enjoyed at room temperature, and can be used to create a number of delicious dishes which are easily eaten by hand on the grass. Here at Godminster we love eating cheese in the summer and some of our hampers are ideal to take outdoors! Read on for some of our favourite picnic-perfect cheese ideas.

    chedder and chutney combo

    Cheddar & Cake Combo

    Now this is the perfect afternoon tea! Our beautiful vintage organic cheddar can be cut and enjoyed on crackers or as part of a scrumptious sandwich on fresh bread. Follow with another taste sensation – rich and juicy handmade fruit cake. It’s a delicious partnership which is hard to refuse.

    Cheddar & Chutney

    If you prefer to keep picnics savoury then instead of the cake you may prefer our cheddar & chutney combo. It contains the same organic cheddar cheese, paired with our delectable beetroot and apple chutney. The exclusive chutney has been developed to delightfully complement the creaminess of the cheese, and the handy sizes are perfect for packing in the picnic basket.

    Godminster Hamper

    If you’re having a large family picnic then you may need more than one truckle of cheese to go round. Welcome the Medium Godminster hamper, ideal for those special occasions or to give to someone as a thoughtful gift. Inside the authentic wicker basket you’ll find almost everything you need for a delicious and sophisticated picnic. Enjoy two different cheddars, two boxes of exquisite biscuits, chutney and cake. Then wash it down with a hand-infused vodka if you fancy a boozy brunch.

    Nothing beats a traditional hamper picnic, so order yours today to prepare for the Indian summer (Fingers crossed)!

  • Godminster specialises in cheddar cheese, so we obviously think it’s the best dairy delight in the world. However, you don’t have to take our word for it – cheddar is officially Britain’s favourite type of cheese, as voted for by the nation. Cheddar is undoubtedly the king of cheeses, but why do we love it so?

    A Branston survey of 2,000 Brits revealed that cheddar was the nation’s favourite cheese by a mile – claiming 80% of the vote! Mozzarella came in at second place and Red Leicester claimed third.  So what is it that makes cheddar so popular? Is it the cheese’s incredible versatility? Cheddar can be enjoyed on crackers, on a sandwich, melted on top of a pasta dish or simply on its own. It is simply a food staple which must be in every fridge in the world.

    It can be difficult to know why you prefer one cheese over another. Sometimes it’s because you love the taste of mature cheese, or it might be because how well it pairs with your favourite wine. We’ve been thinking long and hard about organic cheddar and what makes it special. This is why we think cheddar is the king…

    Mouth-watering melted goodness

    Cheddar is absolutely irresistible when melted, which is why it’s the perfect topping for grilled cheese on toast. It melts so well and if at all possible, tastes even better when it’s warm and gooey. Cheddar is ideal for grilled cheese, jacket potatoes or sprinkling on nachos.

    Mild VS Mature

    Cheddar comes in a range of matured states, which can affect its taste. The cheese can vary from mild to mature, allowing customers to choose their level of maturity. Again this makes cheddar one of the most versatile and widely enjoyed cheeses, because you can basically cater to all tastes.


    Appeals to all

    We think one of the primary reasons why cheddar has been hailed the British favourite is because it is a cheese which appeals to all age groups. The King of cheese has to be loved by all, and cheddar certainly is. From sprinkling on a child’s pizza to being used in a scone recipe, the beauty of cheddar is it can be enjoyed at all ages.

    Ideal accompaniment

    Cheddar is the ultimate flexible accompaniment, as it can be used in such a huge range of recipes or paired with a variety of drinks. There are few cheeses which can be put on a plate for a starter or served on a cheese board for dessert with a sweet wine. Cheddar pairs well with fruit including apple and pear, and has even been matched with whiskey.

    Cheddar is definitely the biggest cheese. Try the best of the best from Godminster! Our vintage organic cheddar has won tonnes of awards, so taste it and see for yourself why it’s the UK’s favourite.

  • When it comes to cheese, everybody knows that the traditional cheeseboard is the height of sophistication. A variety of cheeses can be paired with crackers, grapes and chutneys and of course a fine glass of wine. But is this all that cheese should be paired with? People eat lots of different cheeses all over the world – and have a different idea about what to accompany it with.

    We’ve put together some of the strangest cheese couplings we can find. From long held traditions to recommendations from cheese experts, they have to be seen to be believed. Would you dare to try any of these combinations?

    Cheese and Ice Cream

    So we’ve heard of cheese as a dessert, and ice cream as a pudding, but why on earth would you put them together? According to some cheese connoisseurs they’re the perfect match. Grating a salty hard cheese such as Pecorino Romano over creamy vanilla or caramel ice cream makes for a delectable dessert. It tastes just like salted caramel!

    Christmas Cake and Cheese

    In another sweet pairing in Yorkshire they like to eat cheese with fruit cake or traditional Christmas cake. The best cheese to pair it with is definitely Cheddar in our humble opinion, which is why our Cheese & Cake Combo Gift Sets go down so well. As they say in Yorkshire (and in the Godminster office) - ‘a cake without a cheese is like a hug without a squeeze’!

    Cheese and Chocolate

    This might seem like another unlikely combination, but apparently the flavours in chocolate and cheese are a match made in heaven. Dark chocolate is the best to pair up with your choice of cheese, as it brings out the fruity notes in the dairy delight. Cheese and chocolate pairing is now a thing, so look out for events which explain the tastiest combinations! Some of the UK’s fanciest restaurants are now serving chocolate and blue cheese martinis…(yes, a cheese pairing in a drink!)

    Blue Cheese and Pear

    You’d probably never think of putting these two ingredients together, but science tells us it works perfectly. The acidity of the pear and the fat and salt contained in the blue cheese combine to create a perfect flavour. Try savoury snacks such as salads or sandwiches, or mix blue cheese and pear into a tart for a dessert.

    Maple and Cheese

    Over in the States, artisan cheese lovers are pairing their cheese with maple products to give it a sweet and irresistible flavour. From maple syrups to apple drizzle and balsamic reduction, there’s a world of taste combinations to discover – and that’s without mentioning the many different cheeses you can try with it.

    What’s the strangest cheese pairing you’ve ever tasted?

  • IMage of Organic Brie

    For cheese lovers, summer means one thing: light, fresh dairy goodness! This warm weather makes us crave picnics, BBQs and al fresco dining on salads and pasta. The good news is that cheese fits perfectly into all of these summer meals. Whether you’re looking for a tasty topping for your pasta salad or a cheesy accompaniment at your garden party, we’ve listed some of the best cheeses to enjoy in the sun this summer.

    Cheeses for Summer – Top 5

    5. Burrata

    Fresh cheese is very trendy at the moment, and top of our list is the beautiful Italian burrata. Creamy and delicate, burrata has an oozing, soft middle which makes it perfect for eating in warm weather. Spread it onto freshly cut bread, serve with cold meats, use it as a lavish pizza topping or mix into a pasta salad.

    4. Brie

    Brie can be enjoyed all year round, but during the summer you can get really creative with this soft cheese. Grilled or baked brie is the perfect appetiser for summer parties, simply serve with pitta bread or other savoury nibbles and fruit. For an extra flavour extravaganza, try our Organic Brie with Garlic & Chive.

    3. Feta

    Mediterranean dishes are perfect in warm weather, and a staple ingredient in many of them is feta cheese. The salty flavour and crumbly texture of feta is the reason why it complements so many dishes, including the classic Greek salad. Add it to a range of meals including pastas, salads, pizzas and couscous or pack feta bites for a picnic.

    2. Gorgonzola

    As a blue-veined cheese, this Italian speciality offers a zingy bite which is a match made in heaven for summer dishes. It has a similar texture to feta so can be crumbled over salads and pasta, or cooked into risotto. Gorgonzola works well with crunchy apple slices for a fruity salad.

    1. Halloumi

    Undoubtedly one of the most popular cheeses of the moment, halloumi goes with almost anything. It’s topped our summer list because you simply can’t have a BBQ without grilled halloumi! Make halloumi skewers, add it to burgers or simply munch it straight off the barbecue.

    When the British weather is fine, take advantage by inviting friends and family over for a BBQ or garden party, using these recommended cheeses for summertime.