• It was wonderful to be part of this year’s Gold Hill Cheese Race at the Shaftesbury Food and Drink Festival on Sunday 14th May. Just watching the participants running up the steep cobbled street carrying the 45 - 55lb cheese made us want to have a rest (and eat some cheese!) A massive well done to everyone that took part, especially Rhys McGrath, the new Champion of the Hill with a record breaking time of 18.4 seconds!

    There was so much to see, smell and taste and luckily the sun shone throughout. According to festival organiser and local cheesemonger Charlie Turnbull from Turnbulls on the High Street in Shaftesbury, the race is a tribute to the local cheese industry and stems from the medieval cheesemakers, brewers, millers, and butchers that used to race to get their goods to the Abbey gates to be chosen by the Abbess for her High Table. The festival encapsulates everything local and fantastic about this part of the West Country and we are looking forward to next year!


  • Here at Godminster we are excited to be celebrating Somerset Day this Thursday 11th May!

    Our 1300 acres of farmland is set on the outskirts of Bruton, nestled in the heart of Somerset and as proud guardians of the land we are always looking for ways to give back to nature. We love our Somerset home and have devoted some of the fields on our farm in order to provide high quality forage (including clovers, vetches, chicory and ribwort plantain) for our cows. Over the years we’ve planted plenty of extra trees within our fields to help provide more shelter and shade during both rainy and sunny periods. By doing this we hope to increase natural habitats and in turn the biodiversity of our surrounding area as part of our commitment to organic. If you would like to read more about Godminster farm through the seasons click here.

    As part of recognising and showcasing the brilliance of our home county we will be hosting a cheese tasting in The Great House at Kilver Court on Thursday from 11am till 3pm. Like us, Kilver Court promotes organic, local produce and we are thrilled to be spending the day with them!

    Later that evening, we are donating a selection of our Handmade Organic Brie for the Somerset County Council’s 'A Celebration of Somerset Talent' dinner in Taunton. We are honoured to be involved and look forward to a fantastic evening :)

    Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook & Instagram where we will be hosting a flash competition on Somerset Day itself to win a Godminster Organic Selection featuring a trio of our cheeses made right here in Somerset.

    As usual the Godminster shop will be open for business with plenty of cheese tastings for visitors to come and enjoy. We hope to see you there :)

  • Image of Picnic Basket

    Spring is here and summer is just around the corner – so it’s time to dig out that picnic blanket and head out into the great British outdoors. What do you like to include in your picnic basket? Champagne and strawberries are a given, but what fresh food and delicious snacks are a must when dining alfresco?

    It can be quite difficult to make healthy and heart-warming food which is also portable and will keep for a couple of hours in warm weather. Salads and sandwiches are a firm favourite for this reason, but with a bit of creativity in the kitchen you can be more adventurous! Whether you prefer a simple affair or a lavish lunch, we’ve put together a range of cheesy ideas for the great British picnic.

    Cheese and Pickle Sandwich

    The classic cheese and pickle sandwich is an oldie but a goody! Who can refuse a beautiful sandwich, made with fresh farmhouse brown bread and filled with homemade mature Cheddar and a lovely dollop of pickle? To upgrade the classic recipe, replace the Branston pickle with a fruity organic chutney for a fresh twist.

    Greek Feta Salad

    Nobody does fresh, summer delicacies quite like the Greeks. Light and crunchy, a feta salad is the perfect picnic choice. It’s also incredibly simple to make – just mix chopped tomatoes, cucumber and onions then add olives and crumbled feta. Add oil if desired and extra seasoning such as salt, pepper and oregano.

    Cheese Scones

    If you’re a master baker then you may want to prepare some fresh treats in advance. Follow a normal scone recipe, but instead of adding raisins add cheddar and parmesan to form the dough. These beautiful snacks taste even better outdoors!

    Bacon and Cheese Quiche

    Light and fluffy but also rather filling, a quiche is the perfect lunch food. Again this recipe requires a bit of preparation and cooking compared to a sandwich or salad, but it’s definitely worth it. This quiche uses bacon and onion in the recipe, however you can add anything you like to a quiche and make a vegetarian option if you wish.

    Cheese and Crackers

    If you don’t want a big meal or leave the house later in the afternoon, why not enjoy some simple cheese and crackers as an afternoon snack? Nothing beats gourmet rosemary crackers topped with light, flavoursome cheese and some fruity chutney.

    You’ve got your picnic food sorted, now we just have to depend on the British weather!

  • We've all got a favourite way to enjoy our brie, whether it's when it's firm and young or ripe enough to walk out the door!

    At Godminster we've tried to make it as easy as possible for our customers to know when best to enjoy their brie, which is why we've put a handy little chart on all of the cheeses in the Organic Brie range. It looks a bit like this:

    Back of Organic Brie with Use By and Chart Highlighted

    You can see the areas highlighted in pink in the above image – this will help you decide when best to eat your Godminster Organic Brie depending on your tastes.

    Remember to bring it up to room temperature for at least an hour before eating to give the brie time to warm up and taste its best!

    A Young Godminster Organic Brie

    Four to Six Weeks Prior to Use By Date: Your brie will be young & firm, with a chalkiness to it that makes it perfect for crumbling over your food or baking in a ceramic brie baker.

    A Medium Ripe Godminster Organic Brie

    Two to Four Weeks Prior to Use By Date: Your brie should be Medium Ripe by this stage. This means that it will have begun to ripen up around the edges and may have a slightly firm ‘core’ running through the middle.

    A Ripe Godminster Organic Brie

    One to Two Weeks Prior Use By Date: Your brie should be ripe at this point in its life and should be oozing and runny when at room temperature, making it great for eating on crusty bread.


    Whether you enjoy eating your Godminster Brie when it's young or when it's running out the door you can always find it online or featured in any of our amazing stockists.

    Don't forget to take a look at our recipe page where you can find out other ways to enjoy your Godminster Organic Brie no matter what age it is!

  • Image of Cheeses on Board With Chutney

    As delicious as cheese is, sometimes it gets a bit of bad press because it is high in fat. However, there are many health benefits to eating cheese regularly, and as a natural source of protein it is surely one of the healthiest dessert choices. Just in case you need convincing, here are 10 reasons to crack open the cheeseboard tonight.

    • It’s high in calcium

    Cheese is a fantastic source of calcium, which is good for your teeth and bones. There’s also a theory that this high calcium content of cheese can limit the absorption of fatty acids – which could be why it can still be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet.

    • It’s full of good bacteria

    Studies from the American Chemical Society have found that some cheeses are brimming with probiotics, which help maintain a healthy gut.

    • Follow the French

    The French love their fromage, and now it is believed that it may be the key to longer life. Even though as a nation the French have a high fat diet and consume 24kg of cheese annually, they have less heart disease and a longer life expectancy than Brits who consume 11kg a year. Red wine could also be the answer to a healthier, longer life so don’t feel guilty about enjoying cheese and wine!

    • It pairs well with grapes

    Many cheeses are perfectly paired with red or green grapes, which of course are one of your five a day. If more cheese leads to eating more fruit then it’s a win-win situation!

    • It’s full of protein

    Everyone knows that we should be aiming for a high protein diet, which can be difficult if you don’t eat meat. Cheese is a valuable source of protein for vegetarians, or a great addition to any diet.

    • It tricks your brain into euphoria

    Research from the University of Michigan has found that cheese has an ingredient, casein, which produces a feeling of euphoria similar to hard drugs. That might be why it’s so addictive, too!

    • Mouldy cheeses have anti-inflammatory properties

    Blue cheese has been found to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help fight many diseases.

    • No preparation involved

    You know what’s great about cheese? You can eat it straight from the packet. Or simply place it on a wooden board and serve….and your guests will still be impressed.

    • A meal with cheese is instantly improved

    Imagine a spaghetti Bolognese without parmesan, or a summer salad without feta…it just doesn’t bear thinking about. Adding cheese is always a winner.

    • It just tastes divine

    Cheese tastes heavenly, and can be eaten at any time of the day. If that’s not a reason to eat more of it then what is?!

  • Image of a Heart Shaped Cheese

    Roses are red

    Violets are blue

    Our cheddar is heart-shaped

    And our brie is too!


    With the most romantic day of the year fast approaching we're giving all of our lovely customers £5 off to spend on any cheese gift in our online shop!

    As always, you can include a free personalised gift message and have your order delivered directly to your Valentine - simply choose your preferred delivery date :)

    This limited special offer will last until 31st January 2017 and can be claimed by entering the code LOVE17 at the checkout on


  • Did you spot us in Speciality magazine?

    We’ve been talking all about our award-winning Heart-Shaped Organic Brie and why it makes the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for any cheese lovers out there :)

    As Deborah (our Head of Sales & Marketing) explains: "We think sharing great food is the perfect way of bringing people together and every great meal should end with a little cheese! Our heart-shaped brie is a pretty present for a loved one and we all know that then you get to share in the delights too!"

    Image of a Specialty Article on our Heart Shaped Brie

    Read more about it in this month's issue of Speciality, available on their website.

  • A summary of 2016 from Richard Hollingbery
    Founder and Managing Director, Godminster Vintage

    It has been a fascinating and educational year as I have, for the first time since my Farm Manager and I stood at Wincanton Farmers’ market back in 2000, been in overall charge of operations at Godminster Vintage, and it has advanced a great deal since then!

    The team I work with have impressed me throughout the year, sticking rigidly to and delivering on the plans that were agreed in this year’s budget. Indeed, at the timing of writing, we are even a little ahead of expectations! None of this is possible without the full support and commitment of everyone working for the Company for which I am grateful.

    We have worked particularly hard on two aspects of the business – firstly the continued development of our now spectacular brie, which deservedly, in my opinion, won a Gold Award at the Global Cheese Awards in the autumn. This now means that every cheese product we offer boasts a Gold Award, which, again, is testament to the involvement at all levels throughout the Company. Allied to this our sales and marketing team have fully engaged with our customers on a regular basis ensuring that they have a full knowledge of what Godminster has to offer, and the reasons behind our approach to the food chain.

    2017 will present a whole new set of challenges, not least increasing the capacity of the Godminster Dairy herd to cope with the increasing demand for the organic milk used in our cheeses. We have also secured a government grant to increase capacity for the brie making facility and along with it, the creation of six permanent jobs.

    As I speak the warehouse crew have been fantastic at keeping up with the flush of Christmas orders and are looking at ways of expanding our capacity, especially in light of the increasing popularity of online shopping.

    Finally I thank all of you loyal customers and food lovers for your continued interest and support in what we are trying to achieve here at Godminster, because, without you, none of this would be possible.

    Happy Christmas and see you all in 2017!

  • Richard and Deborah are having a fantastic time with Fine Deli showcasing our range of organic cheeses at the Nordic Organic Food Fair in Malmo, Sweden! We're honoured to say we were shortlisted for the 'Best New Natural Product' award while we were there too :)

    There's still one more day of meeting customers left to go but if you're planning to be at the show then pop over to stand J41 to say hi!

    Take a look at our events page for more events that we'll be attending this year! See you soon :)

  • Calling all Godminster Early Birds – the 'Early' code is BACK!

    Get Christmas sorted early by ordering your Godminster goodies with this special discount code that will give you £5 off on your next Godminster basket. It’s perfect for your Christmas presents this year – you can order all of your Godminster Christmas gifts & hampers now and choose a delivery date all the way up until the 16th December 2016.

    And if you’re not in the mood for Christmas yet then don’t worry – you can use this on ANY Godminster goodies of your choosing! You can use it to buy birthday presents, dinner party gifts, a cheese tower centrepiece for your next family event… or even just a nice little treat for yourself on the weekend ;)

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    It really is that easy!

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