• Richard and Deborah are having a fantastic time with Fine Deli showcasing our range of organic cheeses at the Nordic Organic Food Fair in Malmo, Sweden! We're honoured to say we were shortlisted for the 'Best New Natural Product' award while we were there too :)

    There's still one more day of meeting customers left to go but if you're planning to be at the show then pop over to stand J41 to say hi!

    Take a look at our events page for more events that we'll be attending this year! See you soon :)

  • Calling all Godminster Early Birds – the 'Early' code is BACK!

    Get Christmas sorted early by ordering your Godminster goodies with this special discount code that will give you £5 off on your next Godminster basket. It’s perfect for your Christmas presents this year – you can order all of your Godminster Christmas gifts & hampers now and choose a delivery date all the way up until the 16th December 2016.

    And if you’re not in the mood for Christmas yet then don’t worry – you can use this on ANY Godminster goodies of your choosing! You can use it to buy birthday presents, dinner party gifts, a cheese tower centrepiece for your next family event… or even just a nice little treat for yourself on the weekend ;)

    Simply pop the discount code EARLY16 in to the box when checking and hit ‘Apply Discount Code’ to get £5 off your basket.

    It really is that easy!

    Click here to have a look at our gift range and make sure you place your orders before the code expires on the 14th October 2016.


  • Are you in the food export industry and interested in bring Godminster to your country?

    Come and meet us this year at SIAL Paris, the international trade show for the global food industry, between 16th and 20th October.

    Deborah and Jessica from the Godminster team will be there to help bring a little slice of Somerset to the rest of the world - because there's nothing more exciting than seeing Godminster Go Global!

    If you're attending SIAL Paris 2016 or are interested in discussing exporting Godminster internationally, please get in touch to book a meeting with the team :)

    We'll be at plenty of other international trade shows in the next few months including The Nordic Organic Food Show and IFE 2017 - watch this space for more info!

  • This year, our lovely sales team member Zak was invited to be a steward at the Global Cheese Awards in Frome, Somerset. Here's what he had to say about the whole experience:

    "I was very pleased to receive my invitation to The Global Cheese Awards, it was a true honour. Being involved in the judging process as a steward was a hoot, I escorted the judges to their chosen sections and tasted each cheese as they scrutinized every one - which was fascinating for me to be a part of.

    "The Global Cheese Awards Dinner and trophy ceremony was a lot of fun, mingling with the various members of the cheese community and enjoying a gorgeous three course meal - the cherry on the cake was our Handmade Organic Brie winning both a silver AND a gold!"


  • Although organic farming isn’t just limited to making sure that our dairy herd is as happy and healthy as can be, it's still a pretty big factor! Here are a few of our top tips from farm owner Richard on how we keep our 280 strong herd of mixed dairy cows as happy, clean and healthy as possible: 

    1. We give each cow plenty of individual cubicle space (which keeps the ladies from trampling on each other) fitted with rubber chip mattresses and topped off with bedding to maximise cow hygiene and comfort

    2. Passageways in buildings are automatically scraped up to six times per day to make sure our cow sheds are as clean as can be

    3. We make sure our sheds are fully ventilated – this means we have plenty of gaps between roof panels to release condensation and one third of the roof panels are clear to let lots of Somerset sun come streaming in

    4. Our clever computer system monitors each individual cow and means we have the ability to detect any problems as early as possible

    5. We routinely use homeopathy to help with (in particular) mastitis and cell counts

    6. By composting farm waste and applying it in rotation around the farm we make sure our organic soil structure is improved and help prevent foot problems in the herd

    7. Our many fields and cattle tracks are lined with plants that can be foraged by individual cows to supplement their mineral metabolism – including comfrey, borage, ash, blackcurrant, vine and hop.

    8. Quality organically assured feed is important! We have taken on extra fields at the farm in order to provide high quality forage (including clovers, vetches, chicory and ribwort plantain)

    9. Over the years we’ve planted plenty of extra trees within our fields to help provide more shelter and shade during extremely rainy and sunny periods

  • This month is ‘Organic September’ - a nationwide celebration of organic food & drink championed by our friends at the Soil Association. At Godminster we will be joining in the festivities with a brand new sale on our website involving all three of our award-winning organic cheeses in our ‘Organic Selection’ set – click here to get yours!

    If you’re travelling through Somerset on your way on holiday (or if you’re lucky enough to live locally!) then you can visit the Godminster shop in Bruton to enjoy our sale from the 5th to the 11th September. Try all of our cheeses, as well as enjoy 10% off the whole award-winning Godminster range, vodka spirits and gift sets.

    Organic farming isn’t just about making sure that our dairy herd is as happy and healthy as can be (although that is a pretty big factor!) – it’s also about keeping all 1300 acres of Godminster Farm overflowing with biodiversity through careful hedgerow management, planting new trees, maintaining our many diverse ponds, and so much more.

    The cows at Godminster Farm enjoy a simple and wholesome life and as a result produce a deliciously creamy milk. The freshness of the milk and the sustainable, organic approach to farming is a major contributor to the delicious and distinctive taste of our award-winning Godminster cheese and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

  • This week we were honoured to be awarded a SILVER for our lovely handmade Traditional Organic Brie. This is the very same handmade Somerset Brie made with milk from Godminster Farm that has also won a Great Taste award in the heart-shaped variety too.

    What a winner!

  • It's one of the busiest time of the year at Godminster farm - the silage cutting is still ongoing as we make the most of the Summer sun.

    The dairy herd are out enjoying the warmth of our fields and we've just replaced the mattresses in our cow sheds so that they're just as comfy indoors as they are outdoors!

    When September starts we'll have even more activity as the second half of our herd starts calving - stay tuned for more pics!

  • Once again we've had a terrific time supporting Camp Kerala this year! To celebrate our many years of partnership with Camp Kerala and their glamorous Glastonbury Festival camping grounds, head chef Ian Alexander of Cru Events has put together a fantastic selection of recipes for us to share with our Godminster fans.

    First up is this wonderful Brie & Wild Mushroom Strata featuring our Godminster Organic Brie. We'll be releasing them over the next few weeks so keep an eye on our recipe page, blog, social media and our newsletters for more details!


  • We’re honoured to announce that our Heart-Shaped Traditional Organic Brie was awarded a greatly coveted Great Taste award last week – meaning it joins our list of Great Taste-winning roll of honour that already includes our Digestives, Chutney and Vodka Spirits range!

    If you want to get your hands on a ‘perfectly ripe little cheese’ (official judges’ comments, Great Taste 2016) then you can find the Heart-Shaped Traditional Organic Brie in our ‘Heart to Heart’ gift pack or sold individually in your local farm shops and delis.