5 Tips for a Healthy 2018

January is over, which means you can relax a little and enjoy some treats again! Whether you completed Dry January or Veganuary, we’re well into the year now and you can still achieve your health and fitness goals in 2018 – without cutting out all of your favourite things forever. Treats in moderation are absolutely fine, and with spring on the way, there are lots of celebrations coming up such as Easter – which call for delicious goodies.

If you’re still in the right mindset of “New Year New You”, here are some tips for staying on track and maintaining your healthy lifestyle.


1. Stay active

You’ve got your gym membership, and you certainly got your money’s worth in January – but why stop now? Keep the January health kick going by maintaining your fitness routine and always challenging yourself. Set some goals for the summertime to keep you motivated, and why not have a look at marathons or assault courses you could sign up for? Improving your fitness levels makes you feel better all-round.


2. Indulge when eating out

We all know it’s difficult sticking to a diet when faced with a gourmet menu. If you cook fresh every night at home and choose healthy options most of the time, there is no harm in treating yourself when eating out. Lose the guilt! There’s no point going to a top restaurant and always ordering a salad – sample the culinary delights on offer without thinking about the calories.


3. Sleep more

There’s no point in making positive changes to your diet and exercise regime if you don’t give your body the rest it needs. Not getting enough sleep will affect your energy levels and stop your body from recovering as it needs to.


4. Stay hydrated

Try and refrain from drinking sugary drinks or too much coffee. The best thing to drink is water, so stay hydrated by ensuring you have at least two litres of water every day. Water is essential for looking and feeling good.


5. Limit alcohol intake

You’re probably enjoying a glass of wine with dinner each night after missing it in January, which is absolutely fine. But try not to binge drink on the weekends or special occasions. Alcohol wreaks havoc on our digestive system and hangovers leave you anything but motivated to make healthy choices. Everything is fine in moderation!



Did you know that February is officially the month to enjoy dairy? As a campaign set up by dairy farmers, this month you’ll find many positive messages about the dairy industry to encourage people to enjoy milk and other wonderful dairy products, such as organic cheese. Take a look at Twitter for more information – #Februdairy.


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