3 Top Tips for Composing the Perfect Cheese Wedding Cake


Still looking for that 'something blue'? Why not make it a Stilton!


Buy British

Did you know that according to the British Cheese Board there are over 700 named British cheeses produced in the UK? With British cheeses taking home the golds at every major international cheese award there has never been a better time to support home-grown talent and discover some new British favourites.

Cheese Selection

The perfect cheeseboard will encompass a whole spectrum of tastes and textures and the perfect cheese tower is no different. A good rule of thumb is to include a soft cheese (Godminster Organic Brie Selection, Alex James's Goddess), a blue cheese (Colston Bassett Stilton), a goats cheese (White Lake Cheese's White Nancy) and of course the award-winning Godminster cheddar! Remember: even if you don't like a particular type of cheese there might be guests in your party who simply love it.

The Magic Hour

Although it is important to keep your cheese refrigerated until the day of the event there's a well-kept secret that cheese tastes its best when it’s been brought up to room temperature over the span of at least an hour. When slowly brought to room temperature all those lovely aromatic flavours and textures come to life as the delicate microstructures begin to loosen up and relax. An hour is plenty – that’s when the magic begins to happen!

Think that an alternative cheese wedding cake might be the thing for you? Have a look at our Godminster Wedding and Celebration Cheese Cake or the Godminster Celebration Cake and see what you think. If you have any questions then have a read of our Cheese Cake FAQs.