“Nature repays those who treat her kindly”

Richard Hollingbery, Founder

Deep in the heart of Wessex, where landscape and legend intertwine, and character and curiosity are around every corner, lies Godminster.

Born in Bruton, we bring the spirit of the West Country to the  cheeseboard. Every truckle tells a tale – of myth and mystery, taste and tradition – made hand in hand with our land.

Our mission is to be at the heart of the cheeseboard of life. Why? Because a cheeseboard is a centrepiece that brings people together around the table, and it’s got something for everyone to enjoy, just the way they like it.


The spirit of Godminster can be found near the town of Bruton, Somerset, deep in the ancient land of Wessex. It’s home to lush rolling pastures and ancient woodlands filled with stories of myth and magic.

The Godminster story started in Bruton and we’re proud to say it’s where our roots will always lie.

‘Nature repays those who treat her kindly’ is our motto and it’s from nature’s finest ingredients that we take all of our inspiration. As guardians of our little patch of Somerset, we know that organic farming is the most effective way to create a self-sustaining environment where nature can regenerate and flourish. You’ll find only the best British organic milk in our vintage cheddars.

Organic cheese is farmed regeneratively – you might have heard this term being used to talk about sustainable, eco-friendly farming that works with nature not against it. As an organic dairy herd, Godminster farm is smaller and the herd is run less intensively because we give our cows more pasture and therefore produce less milk. We believe a healthy, happy herd produces a healthy, happy planet. Because we farm organically and protect the flora and fauna on our farmland, Godminster Farm is carbon negative by over 875 tonnes of CO2 per year.

You can find out more about Godminster Farm on our blog:

We are proud to work with suppliers from all across ancient Wessex, from Wellington in Somerset (for our recycled cardboard packaging) to our guest cheeses in our Bruton Shop from all over Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and Devon.


Taste of the West Gold 2022
Global Cheese Awards Best In Category 2022
Global Cheese Awards Gold 2022
World Cheese Awards GOLD 2022
International Cheese Awards Gold 2022
Virtual Cheese Awards Gold 2022



A mysterious, rarely spotted creature, the Bruton Beauty lives out of sight on the Godminster farm, and brings the gift of good luck to all those she passes. Our original cheddar and a firm favourite, the Vintage Bruton Beauty’s signature smoothness puts it firmly at the heart of the cheeseboard.

Bruton Beauty
Cheyney's Fortune


An ancient symbol of good fortune, the oak leaf comes from the great Godminster oaks, planted by much-loved friend of the farm, Cheyney. Smokey and mellow, our oak-smoked cheddar is named after the great Godminster oaks who have watched over our ancient lands for decades. The cheddar itself is the same gold medal cheddar that goes into our Bruton Beauty which is then cold smoked over oak chippings sourced from sustainable woodlands.


This black dog – a distant cousin of the trusty truffle hound – roams wild on Somerset hills and is a good omen, protector and guide to all those who see it. Bold and rich, this deeply flavoured cheddar’s character comes from real black truffles for a truly special experience. Indulgent and luxurious, this cheddar is overflowing with rich and moreish flavours you would expect of delicious fresh truffles.

Howling Hound
Devil's Dance


In a nearby village, a mysterious musician played his fiddle at a wedding party. The heat and fire of the dance could only be from the devil’s music, matched by the fiery heat in our chilli cheddar. Our award-winning organic cheddar is aged for up to 12 months before being infused with chillies for a powerful and distinctive cheddar cheese.