Hero Ingredient: English Apples

english apple

There’s nothing quite like the crisp bite of an apple. This month, we’re celebrating the nation’s favourite snack by biting into English apples. Our hero ingredient can be used in an assortment of dishes, savoury and sweet and you can enjoy them, guilt free.  So whether you get your apple crunch from your own garden, the greengrocers or your local supermarket, make the most of them this month, they really are ripe for the picking! Here are a couple of ideas to make sure you get an apple a day when this crispy snack isn’t quite enough alone.


One of the easiest ways to get your English apple-a-day is to add it to your meals in a saucy form. Lots of healthy food bloggers are adding it to their porridge in the morning and we must say it’s a hit! Simply chop the apples, add a splash of water and a sprinkling of brown sugar and leave to simmer. We like it with a cheeky teaspoon of nut butter too.

It’s no surprise that this works well with savoury meals too – add a little to a ham sarnie, serve it up with sausages or add it to a plate of succulent roast pork supper.

Cakes, cakes, cakes.

Beyond the traditional realms of apple crumble or apple pie lies an even bigger world of apple cakes. These are moist and often have less sugar (so you can enjoy a slightly larger slice, perhaps?!). Our favourites are this blueberry and apple cake and this Christmassy apple German cake which is particularly good with Bramley apples.


With Christmas approaching fast there’s no shortage of creamy Godminster cheeses around. Why not get into the spirit by following the lead of The International Cheese Awards judges… lay out your brilliantly British cheese board, slice up a fresh Cox’s apple and get to it. Professional judges bite into apples between cheeses as they’re great palate cleansers and we’ve really enjoyed their fresh taste at Godminster HQ.


Ok, we admit that this isn’t going to help ‘keep the doctor away’ but if you’re celebrating English apples you may as well get a little (sensibly) merry! Our favourites are Bristol’s Exhibition Cider, Cornish Orchards Blush and Perry’s Pressed Dry.



Photo credit: thetelegraph.co.uk

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Win! A beautiful nest of tables from Myakka.

Godminster has teamed up with Myakka again, this time we are offering fans of our Facebook page the chance to win a beautiful Contemporary Nest of Tables from our local fair trade furniture aficionados worth £129.

Handcrafted from Indian Rosewood the nest of tables features soft, smooth curves. Naturally space-efficient, the three tables simply slide away when not needed. Perfect for any unexpected guests who pop over during the festive season!

All you have to do is find us on Facebook, like our page and Myakka’s and then comment on our competition post, telling us who you’d love to have around your table this winter.
The closing date is Monday 24th November.

T&Cs: http://shortText.com/5f5a696a


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Hero Ingredient: Brussels Sprouts

roasted sprouts

Some of you may groan, while others will rejoice, the humble sprout has to be our seasonal superhero ingredient!

Over the last couple of years sprouts have been getting a cooler reputation thanks to chefs giving them a makeover. No longer left to boil until the rest of the meal is ready now we’re encouraged to stir fry, roast and sautée the little beauties to crisp, crunchy, buttery perfection. So here’s a couple of ideas of how to make the most of a seasonal crop that’s in abundance and finally deserves to be celebrated.

Possibly the easiest way to shake up your sprouts – simply toss trimmed and halved Brussels sprouts in a little olive oil, salt, pepper and a herb of your choice. Place on a baking sheet and roast for around 30 minutes until the insides are tender. You could serve as a side dish or as the main event by crumbling some cooked bacon over the sprouts and topping with a poached egg.

Stir Fry
Think of it as fusion, using the Asian staple of a wok but Mediterranean ingredients to infuse flavour into your Brussels. Chop some cooking chorizo into small cubes and dry fry in a hot wok until the oil has been released and the cubes are turning crispy. Throw in thinly sliced sprouts and toss in the hot oil until the green leaves are turning crisp at the edges, finish with black pepper and serve. Great with chicken or a chunky white fish.

Get some onions sautéing in a mixture of olive oil and butter until slightly caramelised. Add in some chopped garlic and continue to cook gently for another minute. Toss in Brussels sprouts that have been cut in half and cook for around 6-8 minutes, stirring occasionally to make sure they don’t catch. Pour over some boiling water so that there’s a couple of cm in the bottom of the pan and add a knob of butter and pop the pan lid on so that they can steam for a couple of minutes. When the sprouts are tender remove the lid and reduce the liquid down until your greens are just coated. This makes a delicious side dish for a Sunday roast.

Photo credit: Seriouseats.com

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Godminster has a new friend in town!


We’re teaming up with local fair trade furniture company Myakka!

Myakka specialise in supplying beautiful Indian solid wood furniture online and are based just down the road in Wincanton.

To kick off our partnership Myakka are giving their fans a chance to win one of our Ultimate Hampers worth £125. All you have to do is follow Myakka on Facebook and enter here: and then let them know you’ve entered on their Facebook post!

You’ve got until Sunday to enter and be in with a chance of winning all these goodies, packaged in a beautiful wicker hamper:

• Our iconic 400g heart-shaped truckle of Vintage Organic Cheddar
• A deliciously creamy 400g round shaped truckle of our Vintage Organic Cheddar
• Our double gold award-winning 200g Oak-Smoked Vintage Organic Cheddar
• A perfectly packaged Triple Tipple gift set including three 5cl bottles of our hand-infused Vodka Spirits
• A packet of each of our Two Star Great Taste award-winning Rosemary Water Biscuits and Oat Digestive Biscuits.
• A 235g glass Kilner jar of our Great Taste award-winning Apple and Beetroot Chutney
• A succulent and rich handmade Godminster Fruit Cake
• A stylishly elegant 35cl bottle of your choice of Vodka Spirit Drinks (Elderflower, Blackcurrant or Horseradish)
• And one of our handmade, responsibly-sourced heart-shaped Cheeseboards.
Keep your eyes peeled for more exciting Myakka news soon…

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Getting into the Spirit of Christmas

It’s always controversial, talking about Christmas in October. Some of you will be on countdown already, having to restrain yourselves from opening the box. Others, will be stubbornly ignoring the fact it’s even autumn still wearing shorts on early morning runs or using up the dregs of that last bottle of Pimm’s.

Here at Godminster HQ we are gearing up for a season that brings us minced pies, mulled wine and cosy nights in by the fire after long days spent fulfilling all your Christmas cheese orders.What better way to kick off the season then, than diving into Spirit of Christmas Fair?

We’ll be there with samples-a-plenty for you to try. Whether you fancy indulging a loved one with a delicious gift pack or you just decide to get the cheese order in for warming wintery evenings, we’ll be happy to help.

Find us on stand FD44 between 4th- 9th November at London’s Olympia, where our happy elves will be happy to tell you all about our products as you chomp merrily on tasters.

If you want to get ahead of the game, and can’t join us at Spirit of Christmas, we’re offering £5 off all online orders placed in October. All you have to do is use the code EARLY14 at the online checkout

Cheddar and smoked lifestyle

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Seasonal Hero Ingredient: Beetroot

September sees the ruby red bulbs of beetroot available in abundance. It’s been said that beetroot is the marmite of the vegetable world. Some love its earthy flavour and health-giving properties and others chastise its ability to turn almost everything pink.

Here at Godminster we think it is a beautiful autumnal addition to any plate and we have a couple of suggestions that pair our cheese with blushing beetroot.

Creamy Pasta Bake with Godminster Cheddar, Smoked Ham and Beetroot – a gentle introduction to the wonderful world of beetroot, here the indulgent pasta bake enjoys a little health kick thanks to cubes of beetroot being stirred through before being baked until golden and bubbling.

Creamy Pasta Bake with Godminster Cheddar, Smoked Ham and Beetroot

Creamy Pasta Bake with Godminster Cheddar, Smoked Ham and Beetroot

Godminster, Beetroot and Bacon Brunch Bread – This hearty loaf pairs creamy Godminster with earthy beetroot and salty bacon. Serve warm topped with melting butter or on the side of a wholesome homemade soup.

Godminster, Beetroot and Bacon Brunch Bread

Godminster, Beetroot and Bacon Brunch Bread

You can now find Godminster Classic Cheddar in Waitrose cheese aisles, its perfect for adding a kick of flavour to any weeknight supper.

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Mission Camel Cheese

You may have read about it in the paper, or have seen the latest gossip on our twitter or Facebook page; we’ve accepted an extraordinary mission. We’re making the UK’s first camel’s milk cheese!

It truly is an experiment. We’re not sure how it’s going to taste or what the texture will be like and, although we have made an educated guess, the proof will be in the tasting! We’re attempting to create a Brie style cheese but as this is a whole new venture we are inviting you to follow us, every step of the way!

Camel Cheese curds in moulds

Camel Cheese curds in moulds

The milk arrived fresh from Dubai. It was encouraging to see that the milk was labelled ‘Camelicious’ and if it says it on the bottle it must be true…

We set about pasteurising it in our usual way then adding cultures which allow the milk to coagulate and form curds. We then cut the coagulated milk which allows the curds and whey to separate. It was at this point that we started to notice some differences. Usually it takes around two hours for the curds to separate, at which point we pour them into moulds. When dealing with camels it turns out those curds really take their time! We had to leave them overnight before we could pour the very fragile solids into the moulds.

The curds are definitely softer than those of cow’s milk. Once allowed to drain the camel cheese had a consistency similar to ricotta. When we’re making our Brie the cheese can be handled with ease however the camel was much wetter and required longer in the ripening room to grow its ‘fluffy jacket’ which once wrapped becomes the outer white rind of the cheese.

A round of  Godminster Camel Cheese

Camel Cheese – the final product

We must admit we’ve had a little taste here at Godminster HQ, just to see if we want to unleash our new wares on the public and indeed the judges at the Global Cheese Awards that will be held at Frome Cheese Show on the 13th September. We can assure you that it is edible! We don’t know if everyone’s going to love it but we can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when they are offered a sample.


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Double Gold for our Oak Smoked Vintage Organic Cheddar

This week we left the farm, took off our wellies and made our way to the International Cheese Awards. They’re pretty much the Oscars of the cheese making world so we were delighted to be awarded four awards!

Our delicious Oak Smoked Vintage Organic Cheddar won two golds, our signature Vintage Organic Cheddar silver and Brie with Garlic and Chives bronze.

The Godminster team with their 4 rosettes

The Godminster team with their International Cheese Award gongs

We think something special must be happening, as well as a double gold yesterday, our oak smoked won a silver at the British Cheese Awards just last month. We know our fans like its smoky creaminess and it seems the judges agree! You could try popping it on top of a homemade burger for a twist, we promise, you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for us at the Great Taste Awards next month. If you’re jealous of the judges (who may just have the best job in the world) why not set up your own taste tests? Get some friends together and see if you agree with the pros! To try all of our award winning cheeses you can order online at http://www.godminster.com/buy-now/cheese.

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Godminster has new neighbours

In case you missed it, We’ve got new neighbours.

Hauser and Wirth has opened a new gallery in Bruton at Durslade Farm just up the road (or a hop skip and a jump away across the fields if you’re feeling off-roady).

The fabulous sculpture next to the dairy is very apt given how close we are to one another – it’s a a huge stainless steel milk pail by Subodh Gupta.

Milk Pail by Subodh Gupta

Milk Pail by Subodh Gupta

We’ve been busy visiting our neighbours too and visitors to the gallery will now be able to enjoy a selection of Godminster goodies in the Roth Bar and Grill, including our brie, smoked cheddar, digestives and vodka. For any other products it’s only a hop, skip and a jump back across the fields to our shop.

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Fun on the farm

We’ve been having fun on the farm with our friends this week!
The lovely ladies from Riverford, who are big supporters of our cheese, wanted to come down to find out more about where it all starts. So we had to warn them, they were going to have to get their hands dirty…

The Godminster Farm herd in a sunny field

The Godminster Farm herd

Farm manager Peter and the Godminster herd

Farm manager Peter and the Godminster ladies

We think our herd of ladies rather enjoyed having some guests on the farm. They queued in an orderly fashion (thanks to some expert instruction from Farm Manager Peter) and gave us their best side when we asked for a photo…

The Godminster ladies putting on their best camera faces

The Godminster ladies putting on their best camera faces

We hope it was a fun afternoon out of the office for Riverford, and it was great to introduce them to the cows who supply the organic milk for their favourite Vintage Organic Cheddar. Well done ladies, you weren’t afraid to don your wellies and get up close and personal with an udder or two.

Milking the cows

Milking the cows

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