Godminster’s Infused Vodka Spirits win three Great Taste Award stars!

Hurrah! We’re celebrating after all three of our Infused Vodka Spirits won stars from the Guild of Fine Foods prestigious Great Taste Awards 2015…

awards banner vodka 2 copy

Both the Horseradish Vodka Spirit and Elderflower Vodka Spirit from our ‘Fruits & Roots’ infused drinks range won the maximum three stars each whilst our yummy Blackcurrant Vodka Spirit was also awarded one.  Judges described the Elderflower vodka spirit as having “a wonderful balance that wanders round the mouth for ages!” The Horseradish vodka spirit was described as having an “Extraordinarily bright, fresh, pungent horseradish aroma which leads to a very true horseradish flavour. The contrast with the smooth rounded vodka is terrific.

Get each of these award-winning Vodka Spirits for just £18 for a limited time only! Why not check out these cocktail recipes:

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More Awards for Godminster!

 We’ve just got back from International Cheese Awards in Cheshire and we’re proud to announced that we’ve won the following:

All award winners - small

We’re so excited with our awards and we’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who came to visit us at the International Cheese Awards this year. It was great to catch up with you all!

If you are going to the Speciality Fine Food Fair then come and meet the Godminster team! Click here to email us and book a meeting.

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Godminster At 15: Richard Hollingbery

In our final chapter of Godminster At 15 we have asked farm and company owner Richard Hollingbery to round up his thoughts on his fifteenth year at the helm of Godminster…

“I can’t quite believe that it is now fifteen years since Peter (my farm manager) and I first stood in the Memorial Hall at Wincanton farmer’s market trying to sell 1 and 2 kilogram cheeses – on that day we took £180 and we were delighted!

“Times have obviously moved on but it has given us the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the country promoting Godminster Vintage, and I wonder how many tonnes I must have extracted from vans and vehicles to place on our various showstands.

“I would like to thank all our loyal followers for their fantastic support, and I certainly recognize many of the faces that appear year on year at the Christmas shows – without them spreading the word would have been so much more difficult.

“So here’s to the next fifteen – I am excited to see where we will be by then.”

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Godminster at 15 – Pete Cheek

Pete, Farm Manager of Godminster Farm

In our second glimpse in to Godminster At 15 we have asked Godminster Farm’s manager, Pete Cheek, about what his highlights have been over the years…

“When we first started farming we had roughly 550 acres but fifteen years and lots of hard work later Godminster Farm has evolved in to 1,350 acres of rolling Somerset countryside. That means we’re farming land equal to about 675 football pitches or enough space to park 200,000 cars for those that don’t know their acreage…

“The growth in material space is one thing but what it actually represents is far more important: with more land we’ve seen newly planted trees develop in to young woods and seen how the song bird and brown hare numbers have increased in leaps and bounds. We’ve changed from grass & clover fields to now planting additional herb leys that go towards feeding our herd and keeping the cows even healthier. At Godminster Farm our herd are nearly wholly self-sufficient with the vast majority of our feed coming from our own crops planted across the farm. Eric, my first tractor driver, started ploughing these crops with a plough pulled by horses just like in the traditional olden days before being converted to a tractor that had a computer in it – although he never knew that!

“The very first farmers market that Richard (Godminster’s owner) and I sold our Vintage Organic Cheddar at was in the nearby town of Wincanton. Back then we only had our 1kg and 2kg truckles – we sold out on that first day and from then on we knew we were on to something special.

“Fifteen years later it’s amazing to look back at how the farm has evolved. Keeping up with supplying the demands of Godminster customers has been exciting and challenging and has impacted how we farm in all sorts of ways. On the farm itself we’ve grown from a team of 3 to a family of 5 with a linked holding in Cornwall and all kinds of other animals now being reared on the farm too. We’ve even had a go at making cider from the ancient varieties of apple trees found on the farm – although as to whether we’ll start making Godminster cider is yet to be seen…

“Innovation and change with a healthy respect for nature and tradition has always been at the heart of Godminster farm. These past fifteen years have given us so much – now it’s time to look ahead to the next fifteen years and what they might bring us!”

Follow Pete on Twitter @farmerchico for more!

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Godminster at 15: Jessica Kimber Holloway

Jessica Kimber-Holloway: Technical and Production Manager

As Godminster’s fifteenth year rolls around we turn to three of our staff members for three unique reflections on how the time has passed. First up is our Production & Technical Manager Jessica Kimber-Holloway who is sharing her thoughts on Godminster at 15…

“When I first joined Godminster way back in 2007 the company looked nothing like it does today, in a very literal sense! We worked out of tiny little offices above the milking parlour with all the smell, noise, heat flies that you would expect to come with such a unique office set up…

“Back then there was only four of us and since then we’ve since outgrown ourselves again and again. Expanding the range to include our Organic Bries brought a fresh new dynamic to the production team with extra cheesemakers being brought on board to put in to practice the specialised artisan skills required for making soft cheese. Since starting in 2013 our bries have been winning different awards each year and have been going from strength to strength. We’ll have even more exciting and new challenges facing our soft cheese team this year… watch this space for more news on that in the next few months!

“Now that we’re celebrating fifteen years of Godminster it’s a good time to sit back and reflect on how far we have come. It isn’t just the cheese company and the farm itself that have grown – our friends and families, young and old, have grown alongside us too and helped to see Godminster through all kinds of exciting times. From crazy Christmas times to selling British cheddar to the French, Godminster has had some amazing high points and we’re all lucky to have been able to share that with our ever-expanding Godminster family. Here’s to fifteen more years!”


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Godminster is 15!

Godminster is 15!

It’s been exactly fifteen years since Godminster started producing its unique Vintage Organic Cheddar. On July 13th 2015 Godminster will celebrate it’s birthday in Bruton, Somerset.

Locals have been farming the land around Godminster for over five hundred years. There has been a dairy farm on Godminster’s farmland for over one hundred years. Godminster was certified organic in 1999 and the following year the farm produced the first 1kg truckles of its iconic cheddar.

Fifty two thousand tonnes of Somerset forage and over twenty million litres of milk later, Godminster is now known around the world for its unique cheddar, Vintage Organic and Oak Smoked; it’s organic Bries, Traditional, Black Pepper and Garlic with Chives; and a selection of other products that include produce from around the farm such as Beetroot and Apple chutney and Infused vodka spirit drinks.

The farm’s cheeses have been recognised as world-beaters at the International Cheese Awards, the Global Cheese Awards, the British Cheese Awards and the Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards. In the last two years Godminster has received over 25 gold, silver and bronze awards for its food and drink.

Richard Hollingbery, Godminster Owner, says, “We are delighted to be celebrating our 15th birthday this July. When we first created our Vintage Organic Cheddar, we knew we had something special and very different from other British cheeses. We have worked very hard over the years to keep the highest taste and quality standards and it has paid off. We have built up a substantial family of Godminster fans who are very loyal. We have great partnerships in our work with traders and wholesalers and a thriving business online. The future looks good.’

Godminster 15th birthday will include events in its shop in Bruton and a week of online and social media celebration.

Godminster owner, Richard Hollingbery’s daughters [and friend] with the first ever Vintage Organic Cheddar

Godminster owner, Richard Hollingbery’s daughters [and friend] with the first ever Vintage Organic Cheddar

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Awards Galore!

British Cheese Awards 26th May 2015

British Cheese Week is on the horizon and this year it was all kicked off with the British Cheese Awards at the Bath & West Show in Somerset! We’re honoured to announce that we won awards for three of our cheeses:

All the industry ‘Big Cheeses’ (pardon the pun) were there and this week the Godminster team arrived en masse up at the showground with all our usual show-only special offers and cheese goodies. If you’re around in Somerset from now until the 30th of May then pop along and say hi!


Taste of the West Awards

Another set of awards that we were flattered to receive recognition from were the illustrious Taste of the West Awards! Each year these are given out to the very best of Westcountry produce and we’re glad to say we have won Silver for the following Godminster goodies:


British Cheese Week 1st – 7th June 2015

As for British Cheese Week itself, we’ll be joining in the festivities with some special offers on our online shop as well as a few competitions to win some delicious Godminster cheeses for yourself. Drop us a Tweet at @Godminsterfarm or pop on to our Facebook page to find out more.


British Cheese Week - Click Here for Special Offers

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3 Top Tips for Composing the Perfect Cheese Wedding Cake

A Wedding & Celebration Cheese Cake

Still looking for that ‘something blue’?

Why not make it a Stilton!


Buy British

Did you know that according to the British Cheese Board there are over 700 named British cheeses produced in the UK? With British cheeses taking home the golds at every major international cheese award there has never been a better time to support home-grown talent and discover some new British favourites.

Cheese Selection

The perfect cheeseboard will encompass a whole spectrum of tastes and textures and the perfect cheese tower is no different. A good rule of thumb is to include a soft cheese (Godminster Organic Brie Selection, Alex James’s Goddess), a blue cheese (Colston Bassett Stilton), a goats cheese (White Lake Cheese’s White Nancy) and of course the award-winning Godminster cheddar! Remember: even if you don’t like a particular type of cheese there might be guests in your party who simply love it.

The Magic Hour

Although it is important to keep your cheese refrigerated until the day of the event there’s a well-kept secret that cheese tastes its best when it’s been brought up to room temperature over the span of at least an hour. When slowly brought to room temperature all those lovely aromatic flavours and textures come to life as the delicate microstructures begin to loosen up and relax. An hour is plenty – that’s when the magic begins to happen!

Think that an alternative cheese wedding cake might be the thing for you? Have a look at our Godminster Wedding and Celebration Cheese Cake or the Godminster Celebration Cake and see what you think. If you have any questions then have a read of our Cheese Cake FAQs.

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Hero Ingredient: Lovely Leeks

We’ve been making the most of the British leek season this month. There’s something very spring-like about enjoying leeks during the first sunny days of the year with spring lamb… we’re feeling hungry just thinking about it!

One of the best things about leeks is they are quick and simple to cook and oh so versatile. Boiled, sautéed, baked, braised – you can’t go wrong! If you manage to get your hands on the very young ones you can even eat them raw. But the very best thing about leeks? They are perfection with cheese.

We’re loving this simple recipe which shows off that side dishes don’t have to be boring – add a couple of mushrooms and some tasty bacon (we love Denhay’s dry cured smoked back bacon) and you’re away.


Adding creamy Godminster cheddar to Leeks a la Oliver is one way to keep the family happy come rain or shine this spring! This recipe is perfect for cooks of all standards and especially for people who can’t resist a little oozy cheese. Yum.


jamie oliver leeks


Photo cred: Jamieoliver.com, bbcgoodfood.co.uk


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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than over great food? This weekend we’ll be indulging with our wonderful mums – taking off for long country walks in wellies, putting something delicious in the oven for a long, slow cook, pouring a glass of something fizzy and of course nibbling on a cheese board while reminiscing. We’ve also got a fabulous competition running on Facebook & twitter. Just comment on our competition posts, telling us why your mum deserves to be spoiled this Mother’s Day, send us a pic too! We can add them to the gallery of our team’s mums:

mother's day bethan

mother's day deborah

mother's day jess

mother's day rachel

And it’s a ‘Happy Moo-ther’s Day’ to these ladies too (sorry!) from their little ones.

mother's day cows

mother's day cows 2


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